Gratitude – Day 5

Yesterday, I made a decision to block hubby’s sister on Facebook.  I am tired of viewing this perfect life, and all these comments about the new favourite sister-in-law, when for 15 years she has treated me like dirt.  I don’t like what it is doing to me, or the person I am becoming.

I wanted to tell hubby, but was very nervous that he would be annoyed – but he was so understanding.

So, today, I am grateful for:

  1. Hubby’s understanding attitude in me blocking his sister on Facebook and realising that my growth is more important than maintaining diplomatic relations…
  2. For hubby’s body that always feels so good when I cuddle up to him in this cold, cold winter we’re having.
  3. For Baby Girl learning how to swim – she’s my little Rock Star.
  4. For my family – we’re all battling the Influenza, and hubby has bronchitis, and baby girl is coughing and my throat is sore and I don’t feel the greatest, but we’re all there for each other.  In fact, as we left in a rush this morning, Baby Girl went to fetch a soft toy bunny to keep her dad company while he is sick in bed.  How sweet is that?
  5. For God’s love for me – I trust and know and believe that God will provide all that we need.  His word – Philippians 4:19 – tells me so.


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