Gratitude – Day 3

Whatever you keep doing becomes a habit. That’s why James says, ‘…do not complain…’ Author Jon Gordon says, ‘A complaining fast won’t just make everyone around you happier…you’ll experience more joy, peace, success and positive relationships.’ So instead of complaining when things go wrong: (1) Practice gratitude. Giving thanks for three blessings every day energizes you and makes you feel happier. It’s impossible to be grateful and negative at the same time.  Reference here.

Showing gratitude is so important.  It changes how you think about things, and encourages you to enjoy your life in the process.

Today, in Port Elizabeth, we are having service delivery protests – where tires are being burnt, shop windows are being broken into, and this is the way I need to come to work every day.  I don’t agree with the protests, and I don’t agree with intimidating anyone or threatening anyone to get what you want – I believe there are better ways to deal with achieving one’s objectives.  But, I have never been so down and out that I felt like I didn’t have any other alternative.  So, today, I am grateful for:

  1. My hubby who guided me on the safest and best route to work – still took me nearly two hours (as opposed to 30 minutes), but I am here and I am safe.
  2. For the delicious cup of coffee that made the two-hour drive to work bearable.
  3. For my daughter’s school who is a little out-of-the-way of all the chaos and that I know the kids will be safe there.
  4. For my family – they are the greatest blessing God has ever given to me.  And I pray His protection over my husband and daughter and trust God to look after them in the way He knows best.
  5. For my faith – that when I am scared and afraid and filled with anxiety, I can trust God.  No matter the situation or how I feel, I can trust God!  Amazing.

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