To my Darling, Baby Girl – who is now six years old

To my darling, Baby Girl

I wish that writing to you like I do could capture the essence of just how special and funny and kind you are.  I love all that you are learning about life and your world, and your quirky take on life.

Your dad and I are so proud of you and so proud of the person you are becoming.

Last year, when you turned five, all you were interested in was Frozen.  We bought you a frozen princess dress, and the Frozen DVD.  I think you’ve watched the DVD all of three or four times, but you loved Frozen and Elsa.  You could sing the words to “Let It Go” verbatim.  Not in tune – but you certainly did know the words.

Now that you are six, it’s all about Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  In fact, it was your party last week and the theme?  Yes, it is a pirate princess party.  You had a puppet show at your party and you loved it.  All the kids had a really great time.  And I loved that it was about you!  It was your special day.

You were so excited this year for Valentine’s Day – and so cross with your Dad and I that you didn’t get anything.  And the more we tried to explain to you that you need a secret admirer, the angrier you got that you didn’t get anything.  And you know what?  You are right.  When I was a child growing up, my Dad bought me a Valentine’s card every year.  It really boosted my self-confidence, especially since I knew I wasn’t going to get one anywhere else.

Shrove Tuesday this year was so funny.  I ordered three pancakes from your school: one for you, one for your Dad and one for me.  I get to school to fetch you and you’ve eaten all three.  And you don’t like pancakes (well, you didn’t).  I think you do now!!

And for some reason, you have this fixation on going to Russia.  Every now and then you mention this desire to go to Russia.  I had this desire as a child to see Egypt and I did.  And it was amazing – I even went inside one of the pyramids.  I think your desire to go to Russia is to see snow, but you are always talking about Russia.  I do hope you get to go one day, my darling, especially when you pray a prayer like this:

Dear Lord, please can we go to Russia?  But, not the parts where there are earthquakes.  I’m scared my mommy and daddy fall in the holes and get squished…”

And that, my love, is a true story!

You also got a hamster this year – called Iggie Crackle (formerly known as Lilly Kate Rachel Bennett-Hamster)…  I have no idea why you changed the name, but I love Iggie Crackle.

The other day I fetched you from school, and you start telling me about how you took a walk around your school and you saw the cross.  And you tell me,

“Mom, we took a walk around the school today.  And I saw Jesus’ cross.  It must be the real cross, because it was really old.  Jeez, mom, why did they move the cross all the way from Jerusalem to Port Elizabeth???”

I had such a good laugh at that!  I love how you see the world.

You love to ask me religious questions as your little mind tries to understand – like the one with Jonah and the whale:

Dear God, please let me know if the story of Jonah is true – like real live.  Did you really do that to Jonah?  For real?

And you have a slight allergy to mosquitoes.  You swell up a little more than normal and it can be very itchy for you.  There is a part of you that is quite pleased to have an allergy, as so many of your class have allergies (one day you’ll understand what a blessing it is to not have any allergies).  However, your prayer earlier this year made me fall off the bed laughing:

“Dear Lord Jesus, I don’t know why you made mosquitoes, but when I get to Heaven, I will ask you…”

And apparently God has a surname:

Mommy, did you know God has a surname?  Yes, He does – His surname is Merry Old Soul…

And I really wished there was such a thing as a kiddie answer book, because some of the questions we’re getting lately is taking up a lot of our creativity to answer:

Do angels breathe in Heaven?

How old is Jesus?

How do good witches turn bad?

Do angels wear clothes?

Does the sun wear sunglasses?

Does the sun use sunblock? (Love this one)

What happens when we die?

Where does the wicked step mother come from?

Why do angels look after us?

If Jesus is in my heart, is Heaven in my heart too?

What language do American kids speak?

And then there are those prayers that just warmed your Dad and my hearts:

Dear Lord, Thank you that you are in my heart. And thank you that the stork chose me from Heaven to put into mommy’s tummy…

And you loved the name Emily, as I posted on Facebook:

Do you think our daughter likes this name? After her first cousin Emily was born, she called her big giraffe toy Emily, and then called her little giraffe toy Emily, then her second cousin Emily was born and on Sunday at Mikes Kitchen, someone gave her a Lucky Bear toy, that she has promptly called Lucky Bear Emily… And I think there is a doll somewhere in there that is also called Emily. Hmm, definitely see a pattern here!!!

And you always knew how to make us feel better:

“Mommy, our husky has one star in her heart; I’ve got two stars in my heart. You’ve got three stars and Daddy has FIVE stars in his heart”…

And apparently you really love us:

“Mommy, when I’m being naughty and cheeky, I’m only doing it because I love you…”

And you were always so worried about getting into trouble – and the more we tried to explain to you that nothing could ever stop us from loving you, the more you tried to make sure of that:

“Mommy, will you love me if I’m naughty?”

Me, “Of course, my sweetheart, I’ll love you no matter what – if you’re good, or naughty, or sick, or well, I’ll always love you.”

“Don’t worry, mommy, I’ll also love you when you’re naughty…”

Eskom has load shedding – I hope by the time you’re grown up that we’ll be living in a country that actually functions as a country, or that load shedding will be a thing of the past.

During the power failure on Saturday night, we took you outside to see the stars, and you say,

“Look Daddy, there’s a constellation…”

Thank you, Dora The Explorer

And bathing or getting you in the bath was always interesting (once you were in, we couldn’t get you out):

Me, last night, speaking rather sternly, “Baby Girl, go get in the bath now!!!”

You, cock your head, click your fingers, and say, “You said it sister…”

Me, collapsing with laughter…

And you hated getting older – I love this age that you are now.  You are so wonderful and I am enjoying you so much.  There is so much to look forward to.

Conversation with you, the other night:

“Mommy, I don’t want to turn five. I want to stay four forever. So, please tell Daddy to tell the Birthday Ambulance to not bring me anymore birthdays. I just want to be four forever… I only want Christmas, no birthdays…”

And our definition of saliva had us in stitches:

Definition of SALIZA: that special gob you’ve got in your mouth that helps you to swallow.

And this evening, that happened the night before the Grandparents concert at school, you got a stainless steel disc stuck on your thumb that we could not get off at home. (The disk came from one of those universal plugs that has the rubber bit on the bottom, and a stainless steel part at the top. The disk came off the plug in the bath.)  Both your Dad & I tried everything: thumb in ice, baby oil, soap, it just wouldn’t budge. Went to St George’s emergency, and they couldn’t get it off either. They also didn’t have the equipment to cut it off, so eventually they had to phone the fire department to come cut it off. Excellent team who managed to cut it off and they were very gentle with you.  Then we get home to load shedding, so had to pack bags and do lunch, etc in the dark.  Heavens, what a night!  Both your Dad and I pretty stressed – although we can certainly laugh about it now.

Do you see what a light and love and laughter you bring to our lives?

Bless you my darling – I hope we can be the parents to you that you need us to be.

The Baby Mama (YOUR Baby Mama)


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