Day Twenty Four: Weight Loss God’s Way

Day Twenty Four: Weight Loss God’s Way

You did some heavy lifting yesterday!  Well done.  Taking your stand against fear and fighting the good fight of faith can be exhausting.

I think God appreciates an exhausted foot-soldier.  (Not all the time, but from time to time.)  It’s evidence that you stood your ground wearing the full armor of God.  And like every good captain, he is required to pull exhausted soldiers out of battle who have been on the front-line for too long.  Some rest and recovery time is in order.

Trust me on this friends, I know this first hand.  After every big event, or our instructor training retreat, it’s mandatory that I take a break.  After spending days upon days taking back holy ground and pushing back the darkness, rest is in order.  If I don’t rest, I eventually become a ticking time bomb, ready to explode.  And what I mean by explode is I will want to quit.  Like, “Throw in the towel, pack it up, roll it up, I quit, this is too hard, God!  Ministry is too hard, God!” kind of quitting.

You feel me?


Today’s workout is not so much a workout as it is a release for our hips.  Our hips are emotionally and physiologically connected to the feeling of fear.  We fear being left behind so we run harder.  We fear failing so we stay seated.  Our hips take the hit.  They hold a lot of our psychosomatic pain.

TIME: 20 minutes

FREQUENCY: 2-3x before your next WOD


Holy Spirit, come and restore me.  Thank you that you are my helper.  You are the one who has the energy to help me when it’s time for me to partner with God to do some heavy lifting.  Come into my fearful places and flood me with the love of God.  Only the love of God can heal me, set me free, and keep me free. – Amen

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