Day Twenty Two: Weight Loss God’s Way

Day Twenty Two:

Weight Loss God’s Way

Day 22!  I am so honored and excited that you have traveled this far!  Please take a moment to reflect on all that God has shown you so far.

It’s so important we don’t become people looking for the next BIG thing for God to do because we fail to look back at all the small and consistent acts of mercy and grace he has done on our behalf.  Day after day… He is good and He is faithful.

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever.” Psalm 136:1

We really are silly people, aren’t we?  We get easily flustered by our discomforts and we have a hard time giving up our wants in exchange for the freedom of not wanting.  The very thing we want (the most) is the thing we can’t have because we are not willing to give up what we want (in the moment).  Like a dog chasing its tail, round and round we go.  And Satan loves it that way.

We continue to pray for freedom and deliverance from the things that seem to be robbing our peace.  Meanwhile God stands right next to us and asks:

  • Will you just give it to me?
  • Do you trust me?
  • Is my love enough for you?

Yes…please…I beg you…stay soft.  Stay able to release.  Stay willing to receive.  In ALL things and most certainly in hard times…give thanks!

In today’s WOD you get to try one of our most requested workouts in VIP-tv.  One you have yet to do.  So again I say….be flexible…be willing to receive.  It’s a little outside the box…and I think you will have a great time.


  • Turn off all your calorie counters.  (I should have said that in Week One.)
  • Turn on and complete this special-access video from VIP-tv called Yoga Fusion.  It’s a wonderful blend between cardio, strength, and flexibility training with little to no impact on the body. YUM!
  • Move with great joy and intention.
  • Give thanks and praise A-LOT!  And use your vocal cords.  No one is looking or listening so be free!

TIME: 25 minutes

I think my prayer (which I have been praying since both hubby and I have been retrenched) is that we can be financially stable to be able to afford data at home so that I can view these videos.  And just have fun with it.  And enjoy it!  I pray this prayer every day, because things are so tight for us financially, and I know that God will – and has already in so many ways – honored this prayer.

FREQUENCY: 2-3x before your next WOD


God, today I just want to give you thanks.  I want to take my grubby hands off the things that I think you must do in order for me to be whole and in peace.  You are wholeness and you are peace.  Upon my receiving the Good News of the Gospel and believing in your son, Jesus, (who you sent for me as the Savior of my soul) you have credited to me all your peace and wholeness.  I AM peace and I am whole.  And that is enough for me.  You are enough for me.  Your love is enough for me. – Amen

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