Day Nineteen: Weight Loss God’s Way


Let’s talk food again today. It’s one of our favorite subjects in modern-day America. It’s everywhere. Food is highly accessible for us and abundantly available. Yet we still have homeless and hungry people in America. Weird, huh? What’s that about?

It’s not about food, it’s about the heart.

I can’t comment on America – but I can comment on South Africa. Did you know that South Africa is listed as one of the fattest third world countries? Think about that for just a minute. Poor, impoverished people – who have very little money, clothing or housing – are considered to be one of the fattest nations in the world. Now that is scary. Firstly, I think it is because fast food, unhealthy food, and breads are cheap. They are easily affordable by most people. But, also, I think our (I say our, because this so refers to me as well) priorities are skewed. It is seen as a status symbol to buy KFC or McDonald’s. And its convenient. South Africa doesn’t really have healthy fast food alternatives…