Day Eighteen: Weight Loss God’s Way

Day Eighteen: Weight Loss God’s Way

He trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend a bow of bronze.  2 Samuel 22:35

Today’s training is devoted totally to the “get to” of strength training.  Some of you celebrated and some of you thought, “Ughhh!”  I hear you.  To be honest, I‘m kind of with you “Ughhh”-ers.  I would much rather get my lungs filled with lots of air in cardiovascular training than my muscles filled with the lactic acid burn that comes with strength training.  BUT we need both for total heath.

The older we get the more muscle tissue we lose.  The saying “move it or lose it” is still true.  If we don’t move our muscles under tension, we certainly will lose muscle strength and muscle memory.  Anything that doesn’t come under tension doesn’t change.

As the people of God, let’s embrace tension as God’s way of bringing about great gain.  He is faithful to see us through all our hard places.  Let’s let him prove himself so.  Let’s not run from tension.  Let’s stay under the weight of it and breathe through it.  At just the right time, gains will be had and relief and rest will come.


Beginner level…do this sneak-peak workout from our VIPtv Collection!

More advanced….do this sneak-peak workout from our VIPtv Collection.

My prayer is that one day I can access these videos at home to move, and grow and strengthen my body.  And although I have only been concentrating on running during my lunch break, but we do have kettle-bells at home with an workout app that goes from beginner to immediate to advanced and you can choose your time, from 10 minutes to half an hour work out.  So, perhaps I need to incorporate that in as well – just starting off very slowly, and very easily until my body strengthens itself.  How I will fit all this in, with working a full day and playing mama-bear, etc, I don’t know… but let me work something out.

However, before I do that, I will need to wait for my hand to heal.  I can’t remember if I shared this on the blog or not, but at the beginning of February on one of my walks around the park, I tripped and went flying.  And landed on my hand in a rather awkward manner – I did have x-rays done and they said my hand wasn’t broken, but I had “soft tissue contusion”, i.e. very badly bruised.  But, its been more than a month and my hand is still as sore as the day I fell – I can use it, and I can work, but it aches constantly and I can’ open bottles or squeeze the shampoo bottle, or anything like that.

INTENSITY:  You will want 5- to 10-pound hand weights.  If you do not have hand weights, feel free to use filled water bottles or soup cans.  Get creative!

FREQUENCY:  You only need to complete this workout once before our next training session.

PRAYER:  Jesus, you know what it feels like to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.  I do not have to carry that weight any longer.  I confess.  There are things in my life that feel heavy and exhausting…things that make me want to quit.  Help me to give those heavy things to you.  In your name I throw them off!  Teach me how to use the uncomfortable time my muscles are under tension to train my freedom.  Train me up to be more like you.-Amen

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