Day Seventeen: Weight Loss God’s Way

Day Seventeen: Weight Loss God’s Way

Okay.  Confession time.  How many times are you stepping on and off the scale each day?  In our second training session I asked you to put the scale away.  Why?  Because most of us have allowed the scale to be our God who gets the final say on our worth.

This made me laugh.  You see, I have not once stepped on the scale since I started Alisa’s programme.  Not once – except for today.  I can feel I’ve lost a bit of weight, and so I thought, “why not?”  And I have – I’ve lost about 2.5 pounds, but that’s not really the point though, is it?  It’s about being healthy… read further to see what Alisa says.

Our bodies are brilliant!  God has created your body to work for you!  The only downside is that it doesn’t always respond kindly to change.  It will fight for homeostasis, or balanced equilibrium.  The truth is we have been given authority to design balance in our lives.  If working 80 hours a week and sleeping only 4-6 hours a night is your version of balance, your body will adapt and fight for you to create homeostasis and balance inside your dysfunction.  When you start working towards a new place of balance and function, your body will drag behind for some time.  If you are frustrated by how much weight you have not lost, you need to be patient and wait.  It’s only a matter of consistency and obedience over time before changes that can be seen and/or felt will happen.

“The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.” – Ecclesiastes 7:8

The scale is not an accurate representation of health.  It cannot measure the bigness of your heart or your value and worth.  Let’s stop giving the scale more power than it deserves.

Step away from the scale!

Okay, point taken – no  more weighing myself!

TRAIN:Watch this short teaching on patience.  Then post telling us what thing in your life WAS worth the wait.

TIME: 5 minutes

PRAY: God, I confess I am always in a hurry and I am not satisfied with the small things you give.  Holy Spirit, please slow down my anxious heart when I am in a hurry to get what I want.  Teach me what it means to walk with God and not require him to run to keep up with me.  I thank you now God, in advance, for the changes you are making inside my heart and my free life that is for today and for the freedom that is to come.- Amen

Amen!  Amen!  Amen!

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