Day Eleven: Weight Loss God’s Way

Day Eleven: Weight Loss God’s Way

Calories in.  Calories out.  Ugh…if I have to hear that one more time in my life it will be too many.  Yes, it’s true.  If you want to lose weight, consume fewer calories daily and spend more.  If you want to maintain a healthy weight, spend as many calories daily as you consume.  Yadda…yadda…yadda.

I must say, I hate counting calories.  If that’s the way to go in trying to lose weight, I will never succeed.  I hate it.  My hubby often used a program called My Fitness Pal, which he loves to use.  And it works for him.  Not so much for me.  I can’t be sitting on my iPhone the whole day trying to find which food item most closely resembles what I have eating to try get some approximation of how many calories I have consumed.

A calorie is a measure of energy.  Without calories, you die.  Would you agree that God is the source of ALL energy?  Wherever God is, there is energy and life!  Let me give an example.  Without the sun we would die.  The sun is the greatest source of energy in all of creation.  Without the sun there would be no photosynthesis, which transfers the energy of the sun into plants that give oxygen back into the atmosphere so we can breathe.  We then harvest the plants and consume the energy that is in them so we can live.  This is the basic cycle of energy that God has created to sustain us.  I don’t need to understand exactly how the sun works to sit in the sun and enjoy the sun on my face.

What about the Spiritual component of energy?  What gives the human heart and spirit energy in our souls?  What keeps the man without food or water living another day?


Hebrews 11:1 KJV

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

God’s presence is a source of hope and life.

And He said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” ~ Exodus 33: 14

Your training plan today:


PHYSICAL CALORIES:  Just a reminder to continue tracking everything that goes in your mouth.  If you stopped…that’s okay.  Start back up today!  Your one NEW assignment is to stop eating within 2-3 hours of your bedtime.  IF you get hungry during those times, the next step is going to help you out.

I must say I have been quite good at keeping a record of what’s going into my mouth.  Probably still not recording each morsel like I should be, but I am definitely more aware of the quantity of food that I am eating.  And to be honest, I find myself asking this:  Is this enough?  Am I eating too little?  What constitutes the right amount for a person my size, age and weight?  Is what I am eating too much?  (Did I ever mention to you that I like to over analyse everything…:-))

SPIRITUAL CALORIES (real food):  Practice presence.  Stock up on God’s energy for your life!  Practice getting into God’s presence.  It’s easy for us to feel and see God’s presence when things go well, but how about when things are tough or you are tempted to do what you don’t want to do?  That’s when we need to go to the God pantry, lock ourselves inside, FEAST on God’s word, and sit in God’s presence.  We consume the source of life and energy that is from Him.

Now this I’m not so good at – life is hectic, and I know its not an excuse, but all the blogs I follow are Christian blogs, steeped deep in God’s word.  However, I do think I need to make a plan of having some quiet time for myself, steeped into God’s word – for myself.

Here are some ideas to get in practice God’s presence:

  • Get Quiet– Don’t run from silence.  It’s the wellness break your soul and body needs.  Mornings are most powerful.  If we get up and get quiet, before life gets loud, our fresh and rested mind are like sponges ready to soak up what God has to say or be fore you that day.
  • God’s Word– Read one piece of scripture THEN CHEW on that piece of scripture.  Maybe it’s one word.  One sentence.  But no more than two.  Keep it simple.  Ask God to help you understand His ways and thoughts regarding that piece of scripture, or word, or idea.  This is not study and memorization time, it’s soaking in his presence time.  Calories in!
  • Meditate– Meditate on God’s word.  Let it bring you closer to the reality of who He is.
  • Worship– Listen to music that opens your heart and brings you peace and assurance.
  • Quiet & Breath– Take a deep breath, sit, and be still.  Invite God to come to you.

In God’s presence there’s not a lot of DOING on our part.  We simply soak IN his word (not studying) and IN his presence.

For the remaining days, pray that your hunger for God’s presence in your life would supersede your hunger for what’s on your plate.

TIME: 10 minutes

PRAY: God I confess I have neglected your word in action in my life.  I have trusted what men say over what you say.  Please instill in me a fresh desire and ferocious appetite for what you have to say.  I want freedom, but I need a new way of thinking and doing.  Thank you for giving me the hope that I can find in your Word.  I am willing to be confronted by what you have to say and I thank you that what you have to say will confront my wrong thinking, feeling, and doing.  I invite you to confront me and comfort me according to your words.  Amen.

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