Day Ten: Weight Loss God’s Way

Day Ten: Weight Loss God’s Way

Workout of the Day (WOD)

Do you remember the scripture or scriptures you were reading about God’s love?  If not…get out your bible or your phone and find them once again.

TRAIN: Find a piece of paper, preferably a 3×5 card.  Get a pen and write down a piece of scripture on that card.  Take your time.  Write slowly.  There is power in the written word. Once finished, place that card on the ground in front of you and do the following workout, step by step.

  • Put on some music that makes you want to move!
  • 50 Jumping Jacks (Modify on a chair or with tap outs if needed.)
  • Read the verse out loud (Read slowly as you catch your breath.)
  • 40 Front Kicks (Hold your frame upright as you lift the knee, extend out like you are kicking in a door, flex the knee back in, (heel towards the butt) and put the foot down. Repeat with other leg.)
  • Read the verse out loud
  • 30 Air Squats (Can sit in and out of a chair if needed.)
  • Read the verse out loud
  • 20 Mountain Climbers (Can do with hands on a chair instead of floor.)
  • Read the verse out loud
  • 10 Push-Ups (Can use a wall if needed.)
  • Read the verse out loud
  • On the other side of that card (or in a journal), ask yourself the following questions: How do I feel?  What kind of effect did reading God’s word over myself have AS I moved?  What is God trying to tell me?

TIME: 20-35 minutes

FREQUENCY: 2x before your next WOD (as in do again tomorrow)

PRAYERFather God, I love how you want to be with me.  You want to train me up to live and move and have my being in you.  Thank you for this gift of my body.  Forgive me for how I have kept you out of leading, guiding and disciplining my body.  Because you love me, you want all of me.  You are invited to keep training me up in the ways of love, whether I am in or out of my workout clothes. – Amen

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