Day Four: Weight Loss God’s Way

Day Four: Weight Loss God’s Way

Workout Of The Day (WOD)

I am doing the workouts a little differently – due to time constraints, I can only work out during my lunch break at work.  We have a group of ladies that run/walk around St George’s Park (about 2.9 km’s).  I have done this every day this week, except for yesterday when it was pouring with rain and today – as my rest day.  This is a Runner’s World training program to get you running in 28 days.  This first week consisted of walking for four minutes, and running for one minutes.  Sounds easy?  Hmm – not so much.  But, I did it – and I would’ve done it yesterday if it wasn’t for the rain.  And today if it wasn’t for the fact we don’t get a lunch break on Fridays.

Next week we start week two of the training – walk for three minutes, run for two.  And you know what?  I think I’m actually enjoying this – perhaps there is a fitness freak inside of me just waiting to get out all along.  Having said that though, I have been walking around St George’s Park for about two years now, so I am used the route and the workout.  I am just now upping it up to running.  While I think the most important aspect is to get moving, please rather follow Alisa’s advice below – she is a professional and while I am doing what I can in a way that works for me, it may not necessarily work for you.

It’s important that you did the Weight Loss God’s Way WOD from Day 2.  Did you?  If so, you can proceed to today’s workout.  If not, I cannot stress enough how important that teaching will be to your progress.  Especially if you suffer with aches and pain when you work out or are prone to injuries.  Now that we have set a healthy foundation for movement, let’s apply that knowledge and dig a little deeper into this holy and whole journey.  Jesus did not come to end our discomfort and our pain.  In fact, He told us that things would be hard and that discomfort, pain, and suffering will be a part of our journey.

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation.  But take heart; I have overcome the world.”  John 16:33

His way is not always easy, BUT it is always better.  Can I get an amen?  Amen!  It’s time for you to learn and train the art of getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

TRAIN: GIVE ME 10!  That’s all you need to do! Ten minutes of movement!  You can do this!  You must see it as your time to give God what he wants, and get from Him what he says you need.  Ten minutes of totally and wholly (heart, mind, soul, and body) devoted movement before a totally holy and whole God.  Take a picture of yourself post workout and let us know how you feel.

If you very overweight, start here.If you are moderately overweight and haven’t been moving in a while then start here.  If you are fit and know you have made working out more about you than God, start here.

TIME: 10 minutes

FREQUENCY: You can do this workout 2-3 more times before your next WOD.

INTENSITY: ALWAYS with good form: tall spine, abs engaged and drawn inwards towards the spine.  Begin to push past your “comfortable” zone in terms of intensity.  It’s only 10 minutes!

PRAY: Jesus, I confess that I have been lazy with my body.  I have given into comfort over obedience when it comes to caring for my body.  You paid the ultimate price with your body.  Please come and be the motivation and inspiration I need to get moving in step with your Spirit.  When I am moving, speak to me.  I want to hear from you. – Amen

I will let you know next week how the running is come on.  I am also trying to have a healthier, more balanced approach to eating.  Not necessarily cutting anything out or dieting, more focusing on eating with a healthy attitude.


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