Day One: Weight Loss God’s Way

Day One: Weight Loss God’s Way

I’ve come across a 31 Day Weight loss programme – which I would love to share with you.  I have not done this weight loss programme; I will be doing it each day as I share it with you.  If you have not been following my blog, I need to let you know that before I had Baby Girl, I weighed 125 pounds.  But, I believed I was too sick, too skinny and that I would die (I kid you not).  When I fell pregnant, I jumped onto the opportunity of gaining weight – and I relished every mouth full of food that I ate, because finally I could get away from being that “too skinny” chick.  What I did not realize, though, that I was actually the perfect weight for my height and body size.  Through many traumatic experiences from childhood (including my mom taking me to a psychiatrist for anorexia when I had never been on a diet or wanted to lose weight in my entire life), I learnt to loathe my body.  I mean, truly, loathe my body.  And I thought that gaining weight would bring me peace, but it has not – and the reason being is that this is not who God created me to be.  Given my back ground, if I had a propensity to eat, I would have experienced obesity in my childhood already – not because I believed I needed to be fat.  You can peruse my blog for further information on this, but I want to deal with this – not just to lose weight (although that would be nice), but to have peace about my weight and eating – through God’s grace.  God did not make food to become a crutch in life – whether by eating too much for comfort or staying away from food because of anxiety. 

Weight Loss God’s Way.  Yeah, at first glance it might seem kind of gimmicky and cheesy.  But statistics don’t lie.  One out of every three women and one out of every four men are on a diet.

Most people are looking for more and they think that becoming less in physical weight holds great promise.  So does it?  Well, let’s get after it.  Let’s ask the harder questions and find our truest selves.  Let’s get honest about the fact that we are all hungering for something more and many of us think that shrinking in size is the answer.

Hey…before we get going, I want to take a moment to let you know something very important.  Now brave yourself…here comes your FIRST hard training lesson.  A better version of yourself is NOT going to satisfy.  If you make this training all about YOU getting what YOU want, it’s sure to fall apart.  These 31 days are about “weight” loss God’s way.  (I always put quotation marks around the word “weight” because it’s really not about the weight in pounds; it’s about the weight of the doubts, lies, fear, shame, and guilt that you have carried around for years.)  You’ve tried your way to lose “weight” before and had it worked, you wouldn’t be here now.  There is a better way and it’s HIS way.

Your body isn’t broken; God just needs to show you how it works.

 “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” – Psalm 139:13

This is a divine appointment.

Please trust this process.  Training here is not going to make total sense to you because God’s way is completely counter-cultural to everything the world has ever told or sold you about fitness/wellness and weight loss.

Along this 31-day journey you and I are taking, I have some tools in my belt that I plan to pull out and see if they work for you.  They are tested, tried, and proven tools that I have used in my over 20 years of experience as a fitness professional.  They will help you along the road to your FREE life.  Some will work for you, some won’t.  And some things God is going to show you that I have never seen before!  We get to learn from each other!  Isn’t that great?

If for any reason you think the plan is moving too fast for you, then please, by all means, slow down! Create a folder, save these emails, and begin working on them and applying them, one at a time.  Just don’t lie to yourself once again, give up, and not finish.  God is not in a rush.  Yet I am convinced if you are fully present on this journey, 31 days will go by in no time, and you will be on your way to a satisfied life.

If for any reason you think the plan is moving too slow for you, then I ask you to please recognize that as an old pattern and an old way of approaching an old circumstance.  Impatience stems from an anxious heart.  And anxiety is the adversary of wholeness.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:6-7

The Greek word for anxious, as used in the verse above, means “to cut into pieces”.  Yes…I would say that’s the exact opposite of wholeness.  Wouldn’t you agree?  This time we cast our cares, burdens, shames, hurts and fear on the One who wants it and let God do all the heavy lifting.

Our goal is not skinny, lean, ripped or cut.  Our goal is wholeness – all things working together well; heart, mind, soul and body.



  1. You are invited to step on the scale one final time until further notice. This is optional. You are only to do this if you promise yourself, me, and God, you will not accept ANY shame the number tries to hoist on your shoulders.  It’s good to know where we have been so we will never go back.  This is a breakup!  You will not see this place again.

If you are someone who meets daily and incessantly with your scale…BRAVE yourself.  Our next session together is going to challenge you.

Yes, I do meet with my scale regularly.  And there is still a part of me that looks at that high amount and feels a small sense of relief, because I am not that skinny, sick girl anymore (not that I ever was that skinny or sick).  I weigh 154 pounds.

  1. Take a picture of yourself!  Yes, you!  Beautiful you.  Take a picture of yourself.  Again, this is optional, but highly encouraged.  You want to be able to remember where you were.  It is GOOD for us to remember.  It’s imperative that we have long memories of what God has done for us.  It’s okay to weep and necessary to mourn over where we once were.  Those will be healing tears.  Those types of tears keep the clay of our souls moist so we are moldable clay for the journey ahead.  If you wholeheartedly open your life up to this process, this picture will be the last you will ever see of yourself…the old you.  If you are brave enough, use the #hisway31days so we can find you and give you a virtual fist pump!

I can’t do this.  My belly sticks out and I look like I’m about six months pregnant (no person should be so big that they look pregnant – no matter what your current weight is), my arms are huge and flabby, and my thighs rub together so much it hurts.  I can’t do this.  There are many family photos taken where I can see how much I have gained, and how out of shape I am.  I can’t possibly take another one.  I feel too embarrassed and to ashamed.

  1. Please watch this short video teaching. We need to lay a strong foundational understanding of what God is up to in our bodies and spirits.

We can’t access videos at work.  I have however booked marked it to watch later at home.

TIME: 15 minutes

PRAY: God, I have forgotten you, yet you have never forgotten about me.  You did not make a mistake when you created me.  Every part of who I am, from cell to skin, is part of your wonderful creation.  Help me to know your great love for me.  Thank you that you are calling me home to know you in my head, in my heart, and in my body.  I give you all of myself.  The whole me.  Please come and do all my heavy lifting.  Help me release my grip on my life.  I receive your love and grace for me.  – Amen

Please log onto Alisa’s blog – I am hoping to gain some insight from this process that will help me focus on health and fitness in a good, God-honoring way.  She has some wonderful articles full of God’s insight, biblically based and highly encouraging.  As this will be tearing down strongholds in my thinking, I can’t guarantee I will do one each day – but I will do what I can and focus on what I can.

Reference here.


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