Day One: Weight Loss God’s Way

Day One: Weight Loss God’s Way

I’ve come across a 31 Day Weight loss programme – which I would love to share with you. I have not done this weight loss programme; I will be doing it each day as I share it with you. If you have not been following my blog, I need to let you know that before I had Baby Girl, I weighed 125 pounds. But, I believed I was too sick, too skinny and that I would die (I kid you not). When I fell pregnant, I jumped onto the opportunity of gaining weight – and I relished every mouth full of food that I ate, because finally I could get away from being that “too skinny” chick. What I did not realize, though, that I was actually the perfect weight for my height and body size. Through many traumatic experiences from childhood (including my mom taking me to a psychiatrist for anorexia when I had never been on a diet or wanted to lose weight in my entire life), I learnt to loathe my body. I mean, truly, loathe my body. And I thought that gaining weight would bring me peace, but it has not – and the reason being is that this is not who God created me to be. Given my back ground, if I had a propensity to eat, I would have experienced obesity in my childhood already – not because I believed I needed to be fat. You can peruse my blog for further information on this, but I want to deal with this – not just to lose weight (although that would be nice), but to have peace about my weight and eating – through God’s grace. God did not make food to become a crutch in life – whether by eating too much for comfort or staying away from food because of anxiety.