I have my word – 2015!

I have my word.

It’s never a question of whether One Word works. It’s whether you will put One Word into action in your life. If you discover and live your word, it works every single time, because there is a word meant for you, and it is meant to change your life in a positive way. Reference here.

This concept of having a word for a year is a wonderful concept. My word for 2014 was abundance and although many would think that would include riches and fortunes, I’ve realised that abundance is an attitude.

You can get some very poor rich people, and some mightily rich poor people.
And at one stage I thought my word for 2015 would be prosperity. Perhaps I was just hoping it would be after so many years of battling financially. But, after praying about it, and receiving some amazing confirmation, I know that my word for 2015 is TRUST.

My word for the year – 2015…

My word for the year – 2015…

At the beginning of this year, 2014, I decided to follow a Christian trend of “Word for the year”. And the word that came to mind was “abundance”. I remember still giggling a little because I thought, “we’re battling financially, and I’m on Paxil, what or how on earth could there be abundance for me”. I thought I was making it up and that somehow I was going to be disappointed or made a fool of for thinking that my word for this year is abundance.

Abundance comes in so many different forms – but mainly it is an attitude. Ever notice how often poor people, who have very little, can feel so blessed and happy because they see the little that they have as being abundance? Or how rich people, who have everything, seem to whine and complain because they never have enough?