Day 12 – #21daysofthanks

Day 12 – #21daysofthanks

Day 12

Wow, this is a difficult one.  I like to think I am kind – perhaps others will think differently?  I don’t know.  I do try see the good in every situation – although that hasn’t always been the case.  I used to be the “glass is half empty” kinda girl – now I am seriously working on being the “glass is half full” kinda girl.  And its not just changing my attitude – although that is a big part of it.

Its more changing my mindset – changing how I see things!

And I think I am seeing the results of this – every now and then, I find myself blown away by the fact that I get to live this life, with this man as my husband and this little girl as my Baby Girl.  And I get overwhelmed by how blessed I am.  I can’t remember that ever happening before.  And so I am grateful for this life and I hope and pray that God will change me into the kind of person who will bestow kindness on others – especially my husband and child.


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