Day 10 – #21daysofthanks

Day 10 – #21daysofthanks

Today, we are asked to focus on one sense that we are grateful for.  And without a doubt, out of the five senses of taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing – sight has to be the one for which I will show gratitude today.  Even though I wear contact lenses and I am as blind as a bat without them, and even though I have had three eye operations, and have worn glass since I was about 18 months old (yes, months…), there is nothing like watching the sun set over the ocean, or Baby Girl smiling at me with love, or seeing my husband’s face light up when I am looking particularly good (or seeing his face when I walked down the aisle to become his wife), or watching a good movie, or reading a good book or seeing my hubby and Baby Girl laughing and having a good time together, or watching out for Baby Girl when we are at the park and she is climbing high on the swing or jungle gym or being able to see danger to protect my family.

I love listening to music.

I love seeing the ocean more.

And I am so grateful that with all my “eyeissues” I can still see – there is so much beauty in this world to see.

So much beauty and wonder that God has given to us to enjoy His beauty and His grace.

Thank you, Lord, for my gift of sight.

Day 10


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