Day 5 – #21daysofthanks

Day 5 – #21daysofthanks

Today, we are tasked to be thankful for what we do have in our lives at the moment – not what we long for, but we currently do have.

Day 5

I am thankful for:

  • My faith – that has seen me through good and bad times.
  • God – and His love for me, for my husband and for my daughter.
  • For my husband – he is totally amazing and I am so grateful to have him in my life.
  • For my daughter – who is quirky, and kind, and gentle, and energetic and loving, and intelligent, and so much more than what I could ever hope to be.
  • My beautiful home.
  • My car that gets me to work and home again safe and sound, each and every day.
  • My job that although demanding allows me to blog and put food on the table.
  • My life – there are many things in my life that I have been given that I am grateful for.
  • For being alive – for having a warm shower in the mornings, coffee at work, and clothes to wear.

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