Day 2 = #21daysofthanks

Yesterday, I realised that the one thing I do have to be grateful for is that although I may not have plans or that I live my live hiding in fear; God does have plans for me:

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

This can be seen by the fact that God knew my husband and I needed a family and we had to walk a very hard path and a very difficult path to have that daughter, but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the entire world.  Because you see – God does know best.

In today’s #21daysofthanks, today we need to use the alphabet to list items for which we are grateful.  Well, here we go…

Day 2

A – I am grateful for my daughter, whose name starts with an A.

B – I am grateful for and very proud of my married surname that’s starts with a B.

C – I am grateful for the clarity we receive when knowing God’s word and His truth.

D – I am grateful for our dogs that have been in our lives and that have brought so much joy and happiness and naughtiness to our home.

E – I am grateful for my husband whose name starts with this letter.

F – I am grateful for my faith that gets me through the hard times in life, believing that things will always get better.

G – I am grateful to God who loves me, has prosperous and wonderful plans for me and who has saved me.

H – I am grateful for my health.  Although tired and stressed (and a tad overweightJ), I am very healthy.

I – I am grateful for our insurance, that even with all our financial issues we have managed to keep up our insurance payments.  If anything had to happen that we needed insurance, we are covered.

J – I am grateful to Jesus, for showing me a better way to live my life.

K – I am grateful for kinship, for family and friends who are in my life.  Some family are more like friends.  Some friends are more like family, but all play their parts in my life.

L – I am grateful for all the love in my life.  Love from God, love from my husband, love from my daughter, my parents, my family and friends; lots and lots of love.

M – I am grateful for me.  With all my fears and anxieties and whatever not, I am still my own best friend.

N – I am grateful for my nose that I can breathe lovely fresh air, and smell delicious food cooking and the smell of coffee.  There is nothing nicer to wake up to than the smell of coffee…

O – I am grateful for the opportunities I have had in my life, and for those opportunities I will still have.  Opportunities to travel overseas with my husband, to find good work, to study in Johannesburg, to meet amazing people.

P – I am grateful for the many and varied people who cross my path everyday: people at work – client, work colleagues, bosses.  People at Baby Girl’s school who look after her and educate her.  People through social circles, online and various other forums who help us, make us laugh, teach us or touch our lives in many different ways.  And people who helps us: police, nurses, teachers…

Q – I am grateful for quirky ways that my Baby Girl has of making her Dad and I laugh.  She is such a funny little girl.

R – I am grateful for rest and relaxation; to spend the weekend with my family resting and relaxing.  Nothing can be nicer.

S – I am grateful for sleep.  To have spent the first few years of Baby Girl’s life waking up eight times a night for about three or four years, before we started getting any semblance of sleep, I am now very grateful for a good night’s sleep.

T – I am grateful that I can trust God, my husband and my daughter, and that I can trust that life will work out.  Why?  Because God’s word says so – Romans 8:28.

U – I am grateful for unity, that my husband and I are on the same side, no matter how hard life can get.

V – I am grateful for vanity, and learning to look after myself.  It is a process, but I am worth looking after.  Soon, as I renew my thoughts and my mind, I will lose this weight.  Being overweight is not how God created me.

W – I am grateful for water.  There is nothing nicer than a cold glass of water when you are really thirsty, and water to wash yourself, wash your clothing, and swim in when it’s hot.  Beautiful, glorious water.

X – I am grateful for xylophones and beautiful music.

Y – I am grateful for my youth.  And the youth that I still have, and the love and experiences and memories residing in my youth.

Z – I am grateful for funny zebras and how they make my daughter laugh and how easy it is to spot zebras when we go for a drive in the countryside.  How lovely.


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