She is precious.

I don’t tell Baby Girl all that often that she is beautiful, or wonderful or intelligent, or kind…  Sure, I do use those words sometimes.  But, what I say to her more than anything else is that she is precious.  It doesn’t matter if she is pretty or ugly, fat or thin, clever or not – what matters is that she is precious.  To her father.  To me.  And to her Father in Heaven.  And that she knows that.

She is precious for all the many gifts that God has given her.  She is precious because she is a tiny little person who is growing up in a scary world and needs to be nurtured and looked after and taught the right way to go.

She is precious because of all the love, and laughter and growth she has brought into our lives.

She is precious because she is God’s wonderful and beautiful gift to us – her father and I.

She is precious because of she is fearfully and wonderfully made.

Psalm 139:14 New International Version (NIV)

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

She is precious.  Just because she is…

And when I pray with her at night, I think God for giving us such a precious daughter.  Not because she is talented or kind or beautiful (sure, I think she is all of those things and much more), but because she is a gift.  And if she sees herself as a precious gift – then she will look after herself and allow herself to create a positive world view while growing up.

And I do thank God for her (and my hubby) every day.  They are precious people God has put into my life and I am grateful.

And I pray that God will give hubby and I the grace and the wisdom to parent this precious gift well, so that she will grow up knowing just how precious she is.  If she fails, or falls, or loses her way – she is still precious and in the end, none of that will matter but how precious she is to us.  And to her Heavenly Father.

And I pray for the man that she may one day marry.  That he will honor her and love her and help her to grow into the woman God created her to be, and that she will love him and honor him and respect him.

What a wonderful blessing God has given us in our little Baby Girl…  may she always know that.



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