Where has all the time gone?

Time sure is flying by so quickly – and our little Baby Girl is growing beautifully.  She is such a honey – hubby has somehow hurt his back, and last night she runs to her bedroom to get something soft for hubby to cuddle – to make him feel better.  Isn’t that sweet?

She really has such a lovely nature…

I haven’t been blogging much here, as I have been devoting my time to my other blog:  http://thefragranceofmarriage.wordpress.com/.  I feel so silly for having a blog on marriage, I mean – who would listen to me?  What on earth do I have to say about marriage or relationships?  But, I do know how my parents’ marriage, or lack thereof, affected me and just perhaps I can aid one person in doing something a little different that will have a ripple effect to other areas of their lives and marriage.  And then it would be worth it.  Just perhaps…

But, anyway, we are here to celebrate Baby Girl’s life – and what a precious life it is.  She is such a happy, laughing, energetic little girl who is full of life and love.  I don’t think her Dad and I had any idea just how much we would be enjoying this wonderful little personality…

Motherhood is hard – I think we all know that, but when you fetch your five year old little girl in the morning to wake her up so she can cuddle with you for five minutes before the day begins, and she wraps her arms and her legs around you and whispers in her sleep that she loves you so much, then everything in motherhood becomes worth it.

I have already started praying for the man that she would one day marry – a man who would love her, and help her to become the woman God created her to be.  One that would open up the world to her, as my hubby did for me.  One who would see just how precious she is and live to protect and provide for her in any way possible and one that she would love and respect and honor.

She is in Pre-Grade R at school and absolutely thriving.  I can’t believe that just a little while ago I was battling with this tiny little baby who cried all the time, and who would not sleep and now I have this precious little girl who is loving and kind and has such a mischievous sense of humor.  (And who still doesn’t like to sleep… 🙂 )

The days drag by, but the years fly by.  Anon

What would I tell this precious little girl as she is growing up?  To never sweat the small stuffit will all work out in the end.  It always does.  Never let fear hold you backbut embrace life and fun whenever you canNever be afraid to be yourselfyou are the only you you’ve gotNever be afraid to be on your ownyou need to be your own best friend

  1. Have fun, but learn as much as you what can.
  2. Make lots of friends.
  3. Be yourself.
  4. Look after yourself.
  5. Love much.
  6. Be kind and be gentle.
  7. Think positive – focus on your blessings, don’t focus on the negative.
  8. Always be amazing.
  9. Expand your mind, but always remain true to God’s word.
  10. Always be grateful for what you have – you may not always get what you want, but you’ll probably have exactly what you need.

These are the ten things I would tell Baby Girl and I would pray that she would listen.  I wish someone had told me those things when I was small – and I wish I had someone to teach me how to do all that.  I hope and pray she finds a friend or mentor, with hubby and I, to teach her just how to do that.

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