Today, I am grateful for:

  • My wedding ring – not once ever in the almost 15 years I have been married, have I ever considered changing it.  For me, it is a timeless classic that I just love. Okay, as my weight has increased, so the size of my ring has gotten bigger, but the design has not changed.  I love my wedding ring.
  • For a hot cup of coffee and to wrap my rather cold hands around and warm them up.
  • For a really good night’s sleep.
  • For my warm bed.
  • For watching my husband and daughter sleep in the early hours of this morning, and seeing how similar they are and how at peace they both were.
  • For all the love that is mine through my husband, daughter, family and friends.

Thank you dear God for these precious gifts in my life.

Add #21daysofthanks and @busyasamother so I know what you kids are up to.


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