We are in the throes of an extremely chilly cold-front that has hit our normally quite warm little coastal town.  The temperatures this morning must have been just above 5° Celsius.   It is cold.  As I got up early this morning to get ready for the day, and I felt how cold it was, I realized that I am grateful for:

  • My lovely warm, winter gown that my gorgeous husband bought me for my birthday last year that kept me so nice and warm this  morning in this bitterly cold weather.
  • My beautiful husband – who looked so handsome and gorgeous getting ready for work this morning – who always lies on my side of the bed to warm the bed up for me, so that I don’t get into a cold bed at night.
  • My beautiful little girl who tells me often that I’m just the mommy she always wanted.  How precious is that?
  • For her laughing in her sleep – on a few occasions now – but especially this morning, she had a good giggle while fast asleep.  How happy must her dreams be if she is laughing in her sleep?  So precious.
  • For my car – that reliably takes me to work and back again every day so that I don’t have to rely on public transport.

Thank you dear God for these precious gifts in my life.

Add #21daysofthanks and @busyasamother so I know what you kids are up to.

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