Today I am grateful:

  • For this wonderful amazing man who I married, and the, ahem, amazing time we had last night. 🙂
  • For my beautiful Baby Girl and her bright energy, and love and kindness she adds to our lives.
  • For my home – we can’t afford to really maintain and look after her, but I am grateful the security its walls offer me, and the shelter its roof offers me, and my family, I am truly grateful.
  • For my car – she has a dent, she is over five years old,  but she gets me to work and back reliably every day.  And when I see these dear souls walking to their jobs in this cold winter weather, I am truly grateful for my car – dents and all.
  • That I have now stopped taking Paxil every Monday, Wednesday and Friday without incident.  The only thing truly holding me back from going off completely is the fear in my mind – I need to take this slowly, but even for that, I am so grateful.
  • And I am grateful that God loves me.  He loves my husband.  And He loves my daughter.  And He loves us all so much, He will work his power in our lives to give us the marriage and the life abundance He has promised us in His word.
  • I am grateful I am a Christian.
  • And I am grateful that I live in a country where that isn’t a problem.

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