I recently read a blog that challenged us all to 21 days of gratitude. And I could not agree more – we are more focused on what is wrong, then all that is right.  And I suspect, and this is definitely my experience, there is a lot more that is right than there is wrong.  So, we all have so much to be grateful for.

I KNOW that I could spend more time in gratitude.  From my work in coaching, I KNOW that most people do not spend enough time being thankful or grateful.  People come to see me to talk about what is going WRONG, rarely about what is going RIGHT.  They get A LOT happier when we focus on what is going right and how to replicate that in other areas.  Reference here.

And so, I extend to you the same challenge, for the next 21 days, let’s focus on all we have to be grateful for.  You may be surprised to realise just how much in your life is going right, is amazing and is totally worth the fight of having a good life.

When you are writing your note FEEL THANKFUL.  Don’t rush.  Take a moment to really FEEL the appreciation.  Then go back to your busy, myopic life.  Ha!  Not completely.  I think our goal is to relish the thankfulness before we jump right back into the our first world problems.  Less grumpiness all around!  More cheer!  Let’s see what happens!  Reference here.

So, here I go:

  • I am so grateful that I am married to the most patient, understanding and kind man.
  • I am grateful that I have the most beautiful, precious little girl who is such a delight.
  • I am grateful for the wonderful job that I have.
  • I am grateful that I work with amazing people.

So, what are you grateful for today?



  • Add #21daysofthanks and @busyasamother so I know what you kids are up to.

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