Swing? Anyone? Want to? It’s Totally Worth It.

There is a blog that I follow that I really like – she is sassy, down to earth, tell it like it is…  And today’s post has really stood out to me, because it’s in what we think, what we say and how we say that we constantly reinforce negative beliefs that hold us back from truly enjoying our lives.

Just to share:

This…is what keeps people unsuccessful:  their beliefs.  People love to reinforce their beliefs.  They love being right.  So when they keep repeating how much they suck and how much they fail, they will always be right.  They keep telling themselves everyone and everything else is stupid.  They keep telling themselves that they doomed to never having the life they want.  They will always be right.

But they are also being big babies.  They are not showing a whisper of courage.  They are frozen in fear.  Good lord, what is the worst thing about being disappointed?  Is there some sort of spontaneous combustion that happens with failure?  Does the government have a secret hit squad for those that fail while pursuing their dreams?

So instead of getting on my nerves, how about switching to trying
Be able to say you tried instead of saying you were a big baby.
Go down swinging.

It’s kind of like getting your ass kicked.  If someone is going to kick my ass, I’m not playing possum.  I’m looking for ponytails, eyeballs and earrings.  I’m gonna get a couple of swings in.  

Think of any pleasure associated with past failures.
What areas that you’re successful in, have you had failure?
Hell, failed birth control may have brought you your favorite kid.
Are you successful at work, school, relationships, crafts, sleeping, martial arts?
Within those successful areas, you have had failures.

You did not ace every test in school.
You did not nail every Pinterest paleo cookie.
You did not sail through every workday stress-free.

But you did show up.
You did try.
You took some swings.
And that made you successful.

So swing and quit driving me crazy with your nuttiness.

To read the entire blog post, click here.  I really want to try to lose weight.  And I really want to have the most awesome marriage possible.  And just allowing myself to think about that starts a ripple effect that changes how I relate to food and my hubby – and how I can start being more positive in both areas of my life.

Start following her blog – she has some serious wisdom to share.


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