Making the Soul Shift Happen

My last blog post focused about how if you truly want change, there needs to be shift deep in your soul to allow that change to concretely take place in your life.  But, how do we make that soul-shift change?

And here’s the thing – I don’t think we can do it on our own.  Because, very often, soul-shifts can be negative.  Often, people will experience some sort of trauma in their lives – be it a car accident, divorce, death, whatever it may be – and experience a personality adjustment to help them cope with this trauma.  A personality adjustment that can have lasting effects and repercussions on the themselves and the people around them.  People may start drinking or taking drugs, or be filled with anxiety or fear.  One of the biggest changes, and it is a gradual change to the detriment of the person is fear, anxiety and depression.

Have you ever noticed – and I have no idea if this is documented or not, or even researched, this is simply my observation – how many people who suffer from depression, anxiety, fear, alcoholism and addictions have very often (although I am sure not always) experienced some sort of trauma in their childhood?  Just about everyone I know that battles these issues come from a traumatic and unhealthy background.  Yes, just like me.

But, we’re not here to focus on negative personality adjustments to help us cope with life.

We are here to focus on how to make that soul shift to great growth in who we are.  And to find freedom from self-destructing habits.

And here’s the thing – although there is much we can do to prepare for a soul-shift change, we can’t really make it happen on our own.  Firstly, we need to prepare ourselves mentally – Joyce Meyers always says,

Be careful of what you think about.

And we do need to be careful about what you think about.  You will never win against an addiction if you keep thinking you cannot cope without whatever you are addicted to.  No matter how uncomfortable it may be, or how out of your mind comfort zone it is, you need to start thinking differently.  You can cope without your addiction.  You can achieve amazing things in your life, because first, God is on your side and second, you have that potential within you.

You can achieve what it is you need (want) to achieve.  You can – because you are a capable and strong individual.

Those thoughts may seem false and untrue at first – but you need to think them and ponder them and believe them before they will become a reality for you, the truth you need to believe to get where you want.

And even when you start thinking correctly, it may still take years and many seasons before that soul shift happens.

So, what next?

You pray.  Actually, this should probably be the first thing because nothing is as important or as effective as prayer.  And if you can’t change your thinking?  Well, you pray.  And if you can’t change your actions – well, then, you pray.

And in your mind, you continuously walk towards whatever goal or action you have in mind.  There will be hurdles in the way – there is always in the walk of life, but never ever give up.

And then you take action – it may be something small, like just taking a walk when you get home from work when you are wanting to get fit.  Take that first small step.  Walk that walk – and think the thoughts and pray the prayers that will get you there.

And never, ever give up.  A soul shift may happen immediately – such as after a traumatic event.  Or it may take years to materialize – as I said previously, often the longest and hardest journey is from our heads to our hearts.

But, you ain’t ever gonna get there if you give up.  So keep walking – and when you fail, and you probably will, you get up and keep on walking.  Keep on moving towards you goal (whatever it may be) – it will happen.

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