Was I out of line?

This is an email I wrote to my mother (on response to an email received from her) – for the background to this email, read here:


I am really under a lot of pressure at work, so I don’t really have the time to respond to the depth that I would like to.  So, just a few thoughts:

Firstly, your phone call:

Please don’t say “be careful what I am saying to everyone”, because I have not said a word.  To anyone.  Not.  A.  Word.  I wanted to know about my niece and asked my brother because I hadn’t heard from you in a week and I said I don’t think I can ask mommy.  He wanted to know why and I told him to ask you.  I didn’t say a word about any of this.  I just wanted to make sure my niece is okay.  You made it sound like I was passing on rumours and embellishing lies.  Which is completely not the case.

Then you said that I must think very carefully about where this relationship is going in the future.  Really?  Both your tone and what you said was very threatening – I am sure that you didn’t mean it that way, but that’s how it came across.

Now, let’s get to the crux of this matter…

You said you have a friend – on the phone yesterday you said a counsellor that helped you when your second husband went into liquidation.  So, now I have a few questions for you:

Since when does a counsellor require a private phone?  Why can’t he just phone you on your normal cellphone?

If there is nothing untoward going on, can I have this new number, since your other phone is giving you continuous problems?

Since when does a counsellor phone you on Tuesday nights and early Sunday mornings to check on you – I have never heard of such thing.

And since when does someone end a call to their counsellor with an “I love you” at the end?  Early on a Sunday morning?  Huh?

You talk about answering the phone if I feel there was any guilt involved, but you couldn’t wait to get out of that car quick enough to get out of hearing distance – you almost tripped out of the car (not sure if you recall the car cool being tucked inside the door).

And when Baby Girl asked if a lady phoned – you lied.  I distinctly heard a man’s voice on the phone.

And if there is nothing untoward going on, why didn’t you just say on that Sunday that it was a counsellor you made contact with to help you through a rough patch when your husband went into liquidation.  Why not just deal with the issue there and then?

If all my suspicions are unfounded, then why all the suspicious behaviour?  The reason why I am suspicious, is because the behaviour is suspicious.

And now I know you may say that none of this has anything to do with me – and you would be right.  But, you can’t act in such a suspicious manner and not expect me to query what is going on.

And the only reason any of this matters is because I love you and want what is best for you.

What do you think?  Am I being suspicious for no reason?

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