Lies and BS

Yes, that is what my husband said last night about my family as more lies have surfaced.  And he is right.  This time the story involves my niece who is a wonderful, intelligent and kind person.  We discovered last night that she dropped out of school – TWO YEARS AGO and this is the first we hear of it.  This beautiful young lady apparently dropped out of school after completing Grade 8 (Standard 6).  And has never been back to school.

And on hearing this news from my mother last night, I sat there and wondered how much of what I was hearing was actually true or not.


Her plan is to move back to Port Elizabeth and find a job.

A job???

With what???

There are people with tertiary qualifications who cannot get work.  We’ve heard of qualified accountants and lawyers who are battling to find work.  We have Affirmative Action policies that will promote people who were previously disadvantaged ahead of any white person – and they’ve probably finished school and have some sort of qualification.

What will this dear niece of mine do with her life?

With only a Grade 8?

And I was so proud of hubby, because my mom was saying that she agrees with my brother (my niece’s dad) that he can’t do anything about it and hubby was quite adamant that there is plenty that can be done.  You can’t just let a teenager of 17 out on the streets with no schooling, no hopes of employment and to do what exactly???

It makes me feel really sad.

I am not in a good place with my family at the moment

And then I looked at Baby Girl and I realised that no matter what happened between her Dad and I, we will always, both of us, do what is best for her.

And I wondered if she even knew just how blessed and fortunate she is.

No doubt she doesn’t – not yet, but I do hope to instil in her an attitude of gratitude.  Even when we pray at night, our prayers are always filled with thanks and not always asking for things.  I believe that God takes care of His own and all we really need to do is thank Him for what He is doing and will be doing in our lives.

I wish I could trust what my family tells me.  But I can’t.  I have to question everything.  But, I do pray for my niece and I hope that her future won’t be negatively affected by her decision to not finish school.  And I pray for her that all will work out fine.

In my humble opinion, given that my brother’s three children had to go through what was a seriously messy divorce, she needs therapy.  And lots of it – if it isn’t too late already.  Her older brother had therapy and he is actually doing quite fine – he has turned out to be a lovely young man.  But my niece was denied therapy by her mother, because her mother is not going to have her talk about their personal issues to anyone.  Yes, even a therapist.

I feel so sorry for this poor girl…


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