I can’t find the sun…

Daily Devotionals

Daily: 21 Jan 2014

“To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see.”

Hebrews 11:1

The faith of Christians, unlike comparative religion’s faith, is a dynamic that we need to take hold of.  It may seem that the odds are loaded against you?  You do not know how or what to do about the crises you face.  You may have difficulty in understanding your own emotions.  The dark clouds of doubt fill your vision.  What can you do?  Your faith in God’s promise will help you to tunnel a way through the daunting darkness you face.  Do not look at your problems through the eyes of doubt, ask God to open your eyes of faith.  Faith is believing what you cannot see.  Father Abraham in the Bible believed God that he would be a father of many (that’s what his name means).  Despite being childless, he believed God’s promise of a son, an heir to his heritage.  You know that the sun shines even when the clouds hide the sun, so look beyond the clouds and begin to bask in the sun.  Look beyond your physical vision and embrace faith as your new dynamic and begin to experience the hope that Christian faith makes possible.

PrayerLord, open my spiritual eyes to the new possibilities of hope and consolation in faith.  I now look upward and forward.


By Dr Bruce Woolard

Reference here.

Today, I am battling to find the sun.  Hubby and I are in such deep financial dwang, that I feel physically ill.  Hubby’s not sleeping and we have nothing – absolutely nothing to help us through this.  I can’t see how this is going to pan out, I really can’t.  And it is so easy to say have faith – yes, I know that I must.  But, we have battled for years now, and I keep asking myself, “when when is this going to end?”  It’s so frustrating to have to wear my mother’s old clothes, because I can’t afford my own.  To  have to budget to have your hair cut, to not know how you going to afford lunch for your child for school (and knowing that truly you can’t actually afford to buy lunch, but knowing that you have to – somehow you just have to).

But I hate seeing what this is doing to hubby.  He is working so hard, and if it wasn’t for him and all that he has done, we probably would have lost our house and everything a long time ago.  I am so grateful for all that he has done and I hope and pray that all his hard work will be rewarded – strongly rewarded.

Please dear, Lord, do not let this be our life.


If that is from God, well, let’s see – perhaps (prayerfully, perhaps) by the end of this year, I will be blogging some very different posts.


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