My word for the year 2014!

This seems to a be a trend prevailing the blogosphere at the moment, and I quite like it.  A little while ago I got a deep-seated feeling in my bones that this year was going to be my and hubby’s year.  Although at the time, I didn’t quite put a word to it, I just felt that this year things are really going to turn around for hubby and I.  In a lot of areas, but specifically with regards to our finances.  And the thought that flitted across my brain is that by the end of this year, hubby and I will be singing a very different tune regarding our money woes.

And then I read, “One Part Joy One Part Circus” about her word for this year (which is strength, by the way) and the word abundance came to me.  And I know that this is our word for this year.


a·bun·dance (-bndns) n.

1. A great or plentiful amount.
2. Fullness to overflowing: “My thoughts . . . are from the abundance of my heart” (Thomas De Quincey).
3. Affluence; wealth.
4. Chemistry The amount of an isotope of an element that exists in nature, usually expressed as a percentage of the total amount of all isotopes of the element.

Now, I’m not saying that we’re going to win the lotto and be stinking rich by the year’s end, but I am saying that this is our word for this year.  Let’s see where God takes us on this journey.

I haven’t even told hubby, because I say this to him every year – but every year I when say this to him it is to encourage him for the year ahead.  This feels a little different.



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