Leading up to Christmas…

Godly Stewardship

We were at our friends’ wedding last night. Towards the end of the reception, the groom had to take the garter off the bride’s leg. This resulted in a lot of laughter and teasing of course! The beautiful bride, bless her, took it all in good stride! What was most amusing and quite understandable is the EXTRA BEAMING SMILE THAT THE GROOM HAD. HIS WHOLE FACE JUST LIT UP! He was definitely excited, if you know what I mean 😉 and both of them had waited for a very long time to be united as one in marriage, under God’s covenant.

This morning I was reading a passage in the Bible about how God intervened in Joseph’s and Mary’s engagement (leading up their marriage).

At the time, Joseph and Mary did not even have the wedding yet, let alone consummated their marriage. However, Mary was already with child! Can you…

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