Focusing on what you do have…

Cover of "It's All In Your Mind"
Cover of It’s All In Your Mind

 I must admit, I do get insanely excited when I read a blog, or a book, that agrees itself to my way of thinking.  It is exciting.  And to know that there is almost this “thought movement” out there that people across the globe are starting to cotton on to different ideas is quite amazing.  And the “thought movement” (I just coined that phrase, by the way:-)) that I am very pleased to be a part of is the “think about what you are thinking about” movement.

Because it makes a difference.

Now, I have blogged on this numerous times already, but your thought life is so important.  And at the risk of quoting Joyce Meyers again,

Think about what you are thinking about.”

Now, I read and following a lot of blogs.  I am, afterall, a reader.  And each and every day I find some amazing gem of learning that I just have to share with you.  Today, its from Happy Wives’ Club, and the post, The Power of Positive Thoughts:

Paulo Coelho, the author of The Alchemist, was known for this quote, ‘You are what you believe yourself to be,” he continued.  “For so many couples, their focus is on what they don’t have in their marriage instead of what they do have.  The thoughts constantly floating through their minds are about what they lack rather than what they have gained.”  At this point, he was positively giddy, as if looking forward to bringing home his point.  “‘You are what you believe yourself to be,’ so those who believe themselves to have a mediocre marriage or a less-than-stellar spouse create that reality for themselves.  And those who believe they have a great marriage and the spouse they chose is a wonderful person, that is what they become!”  Ah yes, the power of positive thought in marriage.  You become what you think about most.  Your focus often becomes your reality.


Fawn Weaver has some amazing posts that will help you contribute to a happy marriage, and I would highly recommend you follow her blog for more information.  However, remember one thing, only you can choose what you think about.  And I can almost guarantee that you’ve gained a lot more from being married, than not being married, if only you would choose to see it that way.

I believe one of the most important things I can teach you is that your thoughts are powerful and they will actually determine your future.  Have you heard the saying, “It’s all in your mind“?  Well, that’s exactly where our successes and victories begin.  You can think yourself into a mess or you can think yourself into a place of victory.


The Baby Mama

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