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I love tag clouds.

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tag cloud – noun
  1. a visual depiction of the word content of a website, or of user-generated tags attached to online content, typically using colour and font size to represent the prominence or frequency of the words or tags depicted.

In the blogging world, it lets you know with a glance of your eye, what that blog is truly about.  Not too long ago, my tag cloud has anxiety as its large word.  And now that has changed.  Its lovely, isn’t it?  Yeah, okay, I am still focusing on that a little too much, but at least I am constantly aware of it and moving away from it.  Now, my big words are hubby, family, marriage, love, Baby Girl, God, Home, mother and Port Elizabeth.  The kicker though, and I love this, is one of the bigger words is shopping…  Seriously – does anyone know just how much I hate shopping?

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