I want to be a writer – no! No! NO!

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I want to be a writer…

No, no, no!!!

Yes, I do.

No, no, no!!!

I want to be a reader.  I keep thinking that I want to write, and perhaps, one day, I will.  But, what draws me more – and yearns to me even more – is reading.

In fact, I am so bad, that when we have a quiet moment at work, I’ll search for new blogs to read.  And if I’m watching a movie, but reading a really good book at the same time, I’ll read and watch.  Hubby doesn’t get that, but I am a reader.



But, maybe not…

Maybe my writing will never get further than just blogging, and that’s okay.  This is a wonderful creative outlet and will give Baby Girl lots of fodder to understand her dear old Baby Mama one day.

But, read I must.

All the time.

Let me put it this way –

Two Christmas‘ ago, hubby bought me a kindle – aptly named  Kindle-Joy.

In two years, I have read (and I’ve just counted) 54 books, with a few on my kindle still to read.  And quite a few of these are novels, Ladies and Gentlemen.  Quite an achievement when I consider all this reading happened while working a full day, raising a toddler (who still doesn’t sleep), being a wife and managing a household.

No matter how much I enjoy writing, writing it – it seems – can never compete with my joy of reading.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I go through some phases on not reading.  But, I always do make up for it.

Perhaps I should be an editor – because one of my pet hates is finding grammatical or spelling errors that are just so obvious it’s annoying.  Not when your job – as in your full time you make a living from this – is to write.  So, as I am expected to know my job, I expect writers to know theirs.  Sorry, just a little pet hate of mine!

Any job offers for any editing jobs?  Can work online and I love reading!!!  🙂


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