31 Days to Great Sex – Day 5: Awaken her body!

Radio Radio TV Sleep
Radio Radio TV Sleep (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, after the kissing, which you can read about here – its uh, waking up her body.  Nice.  The book will give you the how to, and the why.  I’ll give you the reason – because it is so nice!!!!

More than that, I cannot say.  Uh, in fact, I dare not say… 🙂

I must just say though, that this is not easy.  Just the logistics of it – when you have an active four year old that demands your entire attention span all the time, it’s exhausting.  And then the demands of working a full day, maintaining a home – some nights all I want to do is curl up in front of the TV and fall asleep.  Okay, not some nights, most nights…

And last night, our little Madam was awake until about 23:00 – just didn’t want to sleep.  And the walking up and down (from the TV to her bedroom and back again), the fighting to get her to sleep, the not being able to relax until she goes to sleep, is exhausting and drains away any desire there may be.  But, we had opportunity yesterday and it was amazing.  So, 31 days it may not be, but I’m having fun and find myself, err, pretty much not able to think about anything else.  (Always a good sign.)

Want to know more about the book – view the blog here.  You can order the book here.

Happy nooky…


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