A Happier You. Today. Day 21

A Happier You. Today.

By Fawn Weaver on Sunday, December 9, 2012

How might your life change if you added in just a little more happiness?  How would the world around you change if you chose to see it through a prism of faith?  The success you’ve longed for, not only in your marriage and family, but in every aspect of your life is yours for the taking.

This past 21 days has not been about increasing your momentary happiness.  It’s not about giving that singular emotion a bit of a boost.  My goal, and I hope it was achieved (but only you can be the judge of that), is that you would desire happiness in every aspect of your life and see the benefits of interjecting it everywhere possible.

And just in case you missed any portion of this series, the following is a quick table of contents of each of the topics from the past 3 weeks.  Browse through them or begin the series today.  You won’t regret the few minutes a day it’ll take you to read them.  I promise.

Intro: 21 Days to a Happier You

Relationship with Self

Day 1: It’s Time to Get it Together

Day 2: 5 Easy Ways to Jumpstart Your Diet

Day 3: Exercise Your Way to a New You

Day 4: Celebrate Little Victories Every Day

Day 5: Road to Happiness

Day 6: Give Yourself a Break

Day 7: Pursue Your Passion

Relationship with Others

Day 8: Building Better Relationships (For Your Own Health)

Day 9: Igniting Happiness All Around You

Day 10: Top 5 Reasons to Love the Unlovable

Day 11: Gaining the Upper Hand in the In-Law Relationship

Day 12: Become the Happiest Family on the Block

Day 13: Release Your Expectation of Perfection

Day 14: Quickly Boost the Happiness in Your Marriage

Relationship with God

Day 15: The Happiness Triangle

Day 16: Seeing the World Through a Prism of Faith

Day 17: Is Faith in God Important for Lasting Happiness?

Day 18: God + You + Your Spouse = Happy Marriage?

Day 19: It Takes More Than God to be Happy

Day 20: Receive Joy.  Choose Happiness.

Before this series, you may have seen happiness as something temporary; an emotion based upon external circumstances.  At the very least, I hope you’ve now been convinced otherwise.  Life is about choices.  And happiness is no exception.  It is a choice.  Your choice.  So why not choose it today?

Until tomorrow…make it a great day!

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Reference: http://www.happywivesclub.com/a-happier-you-today/


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