French Kiss
French Kiss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cover of "Pretty Woman [Blu-ray]"
Cover of Pretty Woman [Blu-ray]


Or the lack thereof.

Isn’t it amazing that when marriage starts, the kissing stops?  I had never thought about this before, but this is the next section of my 31 Days to Great Sex series.  And the challenge?  Well, uh, to kiss – just kiss.  No fondling, no groping, no smooching, just kissing.  And of course, I do love to kiss my man – he has always been great kisser, but with my M-I-L and F-I-L visiting from Cape Town, I wasn’t exactly going to pull in for some French with my man while they sat at the kitchen counter with a nice cup of tea.

I. Think.  Not.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to kiss – I do.  And I like that she (she as in Sheila Gregoire – the author of 31 Days to Great Sex) says that kissing needs to be enjoyed in and of itself.  As an act that is complete itself from start to finish – not necessarily as a prelude to something else happening.  Kissing should be seen as a form of intimacy that although can lead to other things happening later, is more of an enjoyment as a complete act within itself.  And this can be one of the most intimate expressions of love you can share with your spouse.  Have you ever heard on TV or seen in the movies when one spouse is caught cheating, they say, “but I didn’t kiss her on the lips”?  Or even in Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts did not kiss as it was too intimate.  And I agree.  Although I have never thought of it like that.  And it never occurred to me how much more kissing we do before marriage, but after marriage that area of intimacy declines in favour of focusing on the, ahem, act itself.

Just saying.

And her tips for a good kiss?  Well, I think if you’re that interested in what I am saying, buy the book.  I’ve only managed to read a few sections of it, but I am enjoying it and I find myself agreeing to everything she has said thus far.

You can buy the book via Sheila’s website at or via Amazon and have it delivered direct to your Kindle (the option I chose – which also means I can read online while my bosses think I am working profusely…:-) Just kidding.  I am working.  Very hard!!!)

Happy snogging!

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