Is Faith in God Important for Lasting Happiness? – Day 17

Is Faith in God Important for Lasting Happiness?

By Fawn Weaver on Wednesday, December 5, 2012


How in the world did we get to Day 17 of our 21 Days to a Happier You series so quickly?  In this final week, we’ve shifted our focus away from deepening the relationship we have with ourselves and those around us, and toward the third relationship needed to complete our happiness triangle.  The relationship that gives us an ability to develop genuine and lifelong happiness in our lives (no matter what may be going on around us).  A connection with the One who is greater than all of us combined.

One of the greatest benefits of believing in God and nurturing that most important relationship, is you have a dependable friend to share your trials with.  And not just any friend, but One who is able to take the challenge and give you the wisdom to overcome it.  When we make the mistake in believing solely in our own abilities, we rest the weight of the world squarely on our own shoulders.  But we were never meant to carry such a heavy load.

A belief in Someone much greater than all of us gives us the ability to create a still point in a turning world.  It allows you to look at everything around you, be grateful for all that has happened (the good for obvious reasons and the bad because it’s taught you so many lessons and made you the person you are today), and trust that your future is bright.  To know with certainty in your heart that the water in front of you is not a mirage.

If your future rested solely in your own hands, there would be little to be happy about.  The stress of the world would take refuge in your mind.  If my life was based solely on my own brilliance and ability to make things happen, writing daily articles on happiness would be impossible.  I simply would not have the words (or genuine expression).

The good news for me and for you is there is a God looking over the earth and orchestrating our lives.  There is a God willing to take all of our challenges and burdens onto His shoulder so we can be relieved of having them on ours.

Knowing this, allows us to look at all struggles as temporary and to maintain our happiness and joy throughout the good times and the tough ones.

So is faith in God imperative to lasting happiness?  I’ll let you make that determination.  In my own life, that answer is absolutely.  Happiness is a choice and with the grace of God, you have the ability and option to choose it every day of your life.

Until tomorrow…make it a great day!

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