Why I love blogging…

Blogging Heroes
Blogging Heroes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why I love to blog.

And why I am enjoying the blogging community so much.  Not just because I get to write, and clear my head and express myself and not only because I can often get to the heart of the matter when I write (or blog – for me it’s pretty much one and the same), but because of all these other wonderful reasons:

  1. I get to celebrate dreams with people I’ve never met – http://binkiesandbriefcases.com/
  2. I get to laugh at the antics of children all over the world. http://www.cloudywithachanceofwine.com/  Aren’t kids just the same wherever you go?
  3. And there is the amazement and wonderment with Lauren at Don’t Lick The Trash Can having adopted a baby from Ethiopia and giving him so much love and walking that fine balance of his new life with him, and him wanting to know about his old life. http://www.dontlickthetrashcan.com/
  4. And of course, I love reading about the Happy Wives Club with Fawn Weaver – who is making a stand against the demise of marriage in a society especially geared to destroying the very fabric of itself – marriage.  http://www.happywivesclub.com/
  5. And then the absolute heartache of any mom – or any parent in fact – at the loss of a child with Kathy at Kissing the Frog.  I can grieve with a woman, and a family, that I have never met, but know that it is our humanity that connects all of us and keeps us together – no matter where we live, and who we are. http://www.lifewiththefrog.com/
  6. And I can get some fabulous parenting advice from Anna at My Life and Kids, although not all is doable here in little old South Africa. http://mylifeandkids.com/
  7. And I can relate to a mom battling anxiety and stress and this enormous life changing event at http://honestmom.com/
  8. And I can grieve with a family I have never seen at the loss of their father and husband, and just imagine how totally awful and soul destroying it must be.  And I can be grateful for my own blessings.  http://oursmallmoments.com/
  9. And of course the hilarity of Darcy’s website at So Then Stories – they crack me up every time.  Loved the one about her son He Has All the Social Grace of a Rhinoceros – had me giggling for days afterwards, because that’s probably how I would answer an invitation now.  AS an adult.  http://www.sothenstories.com/  Just gotta love it.  Of course, we won’t mention Darcy’s most personal (and highest?) achievement.  Go see for yourself.
  10. And I loved The Bearded Iris’s “You have Lipstick on your Teeth” – such a great idea from so many amazing blogging women.  I would love to do something similar in South Africa, but we have a ways to catch up to the blogging standards of our friends in the U.S. of A.  http://www.thebeardediris.com/
  11. http://thebloggess.com/ – what more can I say?  She’s hysterical.  In fact, I think I email almost all her posts (well, the funny ones at least) to my hubby.  Especially the ones involving cats.  He loves that.  And I love her blog.  And the fact that she also battles anxiety is a strange comfort to me (although I would never, ever want anyone to battle with that… ever)…
  12. And while I am new to Woman Living Well, I like the idea of guidance based on strong Christian principles on how to be a good wife and a good mother, and how to juggle home, work, hubby’s needs, Baby Girl‘s needs, social life and me time in all that.  http://womenlivingwell.org/ and http://tolovehonorandvacuum.com/blog/ and http://time-warp-wife.blogspot.ca/.  There are many resources to help you through marriage, and parenting and the stress of life.
  13. And with lots of laughter thrown in, I love to be part of this community where I can add my own musings on my life, my struggles, and battles, and my joys and blessings.

And of course, I love that fact that today I got three comments – well one comment and two pingbacks.

How cool is that?????

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