To my darling Baby Girl…

Mr. k so cute
Mr. k so cute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To my darling Baby Girl,

Every now and then I sit down to write you a letter, so that you can remember these wonderful years, because by the time you get to be old enough to ask about your childhood, I am sure my memory would have faded far beyond the recalling of the tiny details that make your life so special to your Dad and I.  However, every time I sit down to write your letter, I come across the same problem: my feelings about you do not fit into words, or the only words that apply are cheesy.  The phrase “you light up our life” has been used repeatedly and has become somewhat blasé, but it is the closest thing I can think of that fits.  You do light up our lives.  And you are our sunshine.

It is not your smallness and cuteness.  Well it is, but not just that.  Your smallness and cuteness are so precious to me and it is bittersweet to see you grow.  For now, you still fit into my arms, my lap.  For now, you still want to fit into my arms and lap.  But for how much longer?  But you are so much more than cute, and I need you to know that.

As you have grown, you are suddenly aware of your power as an adorable girl, and you manipulate people with a smile, a cute talk, a silly giggle, a hug and whatever other cute little manoeuvre your young mind can invent.  I don’t know how to get you to cut this out, considering how completely effective it is, so all I can do is point out how much more than cute you are.  It would help if people did not constantly comment over your cuteness and your beauty.  When your dad did the Corporate Ironman, an elderly couple stopped your dad to tell him how beautiful you are.  We get that often.  And you are beautiful.  You get complimented on how beautiful your hair is, how well you can speak, your understanding, your intellect, your cuteness – okay, on just about everything, because you are that amazing.

While your lovableness is impressive, so is so much else.  You – as in who you are, is impressive.  You are kind – you wanted to give just about half of your toys to your new cousin Emily when she was born.  And last night, when it was so cold, you fetched a blanket to put over my legs.  You are intelligent – Lord knows you come up with the most impressive arguments sometimes.  (Case in point – I say to you, my sweetheart, how will you ever find Nemo, if you do not put your eyes in the water when you swim.  You say, its okay mommy, Nemo’s Daddy already found him).  Now how can I possibly argue against that?

You work your Dad’s iPad with so much precision and instinct, that I battle to keep up with you.  You can name, if not all, then most of the planets and when I tell you that there is no planet called Makemake, you tell me there is and your Dad proves you right after Googling it.  Seriously, how on earth did you know that?  And when did they add new planets to our solar system?  I was blown away that you knew that.  You have just turned four.

Just this year, you won the girls section of The Herald Kiddies cycle race, and came in second overall.  You did so amazingly well – clearly, you have your Daddy’s sporting gene.  Keep it up.  Don’t ever lose that, my sweetheart.  Enjoying sport will not only keep you fit and healthy, but will help build your confidence, and help you make friends and meet new people.  And although you hate swimming and hate getting your eyes wet, yesterday you said you would wet your eyes if you could swim like a mermaid.  There is still hope…

Your dad and I are so proud of you!

Your sense of humour is amazing.  It is weird but it is constant.  You love to laugh and if nothing funny is happening, you make your own funny.  You play.  Your imagination gives you hours of fodder for entertaining yourself.  Often these hours happen in your room after bedtime – sometimes calling your Dad and I continually to come cuddle you, read to you, and although we need you to sleep, your calling out BUT HOW MUST I SLEEP IF NO-ONE IS CUDDLING ME made your Dad and I laugh in the TV room.  There have been times that I walk into your room when you have eventually fallen asleep, to find your big giraffe Emily lying on your toy ironing board, covered by a blanket.  And your baby sister Erin (a doll – in fact, the first doll you ever received) in her pram, covered with your taggy so she does not get cold.  You put all of your dolls, stuffed animals and random inanimate objects to bed all over your floor.

You love us so much it is incredible.  The sweet happiness you can show when you see your dad or me whether it is the first thing in the morning, at school pick up, or if we just walked out of and then back into the room – heart melting.  Your affection for friends, grandparents, cousins – boundless.  I love that if you like someone, you will just give them a hug.  Nothing will stop you.  How amazing it is to be able to show such affection and not have any insecurity hold you back.  Also, hold onto that.  And you might just give the best hugs on Earth.  In fact, I have it on good authority that you most definitely do give the best daughter hugs on earth.  Your dad gives the best hugs, though.

So please remember, my sweet girl, you are so much more than cute.  You just also happen to be impossibly cute.  I’m so happy to see you grow up, even as I’m sad to see your baby-self vanish, even as I fear your teen years (fast approaching, I may say).  I love you so much, my sweet, sweet Baby Girl!  Always take pride in how you look, in how you present yourself to the world, but never, ever let that be the total of who you are.  Never forget that your kindness, your love, your intellect, your wisdom, your affection, your sporty personality are all parts of who you are.  Never lose sight of yourself, my sweet, sweet child.

You light up our lives, Baby Girl, in every way possible and your Dad and I simply adore you.



P.S. Please go to sleep when it is bed time, please!!!  Your Dad and I would love to sit and watch a movie, uninterrupted… 🙂


6 thoughts on “To my darling Baby Girl…

  1. So beautiful! I love the idea of writing my daughter letters, thank you for that! But, I know what you mean it’s so hard to truly express how much I love that little girl and I am so terrified at how fast I know it’s going to go! =(


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