It’s Time to Get It Together

It’s Time to Get It Together

By Fawn Weaver on Monday, November 19, 2012

In the amount of time it might take you to read this short blog post, pin a few pictures on Pinterest or comment on your friend’s posts on Facebook, you can eat a delicious crisp apple, snack on a pack of baby carrots, do several sets of jumping jacks and get on your knees for a few rounds of yoga push-ups.

Today, we’re beginning a series I hope will revolutionize your life and kick your happiness up a few notches.  Being a happily married woman is one thing.  Being happy in every area of your life is altogether different.  But both are attainable, achievable, reasonable and are within your reach.

So why did I begin this article by talking about fitness and nutrition?  Because it is impossible, I believe, to get every area of your life together if your brain and body aren’t clicking on all cylinders.  In order to boost your life to its highest level of happiness over the next 21 days, you’re going to need all your synapses firing correctly.

Nutrition is more important than many of us give credit.  To think clearly and sleep peacefully through the night, we need to feed our body the nutrition it needs.  Now, I’m no health food junkie.  I eat more sweets and carbs than I probably should and can always do better.  But here is what I have done right since I lost 30 pounds 16 years ago: 1) I’ve kept it off without a struggle; and 2) I eat when I’m hungry and I stop when I’m full.

Most of us overeat without knowing that’s what we’re doing.  And when we overeat, we cause different organs in our body to overcompensate which decreases our productivity (if you’ve ever experienced a food coma after eating too much or a major sugar crash around 3pm, you know what I’m talking about).  When we give our body everything it needs to excel, it in turn propels us to do just that.

If you eat perfectly, are at your desired weight, are as fit as you’d like to be, sleep as well as you want at night, and have as much energy as you’d like during the day, my writing over the next two days may not be of great help to you.  So meet us back here for Day 4 of this series where we’ll move beyond the physical aspect of our lives and onto the areas that ultimately allow us to choose happiness daily.

But if you are deficient in any of the areas above, I’ve got a few “shortcuts” I’ll share with you over the next couple days that will help you become your best self in the area of fitness and nutrition (no need to wait to make another New Year’s resolution).  It is imperative to be your best self in this area because so much of our happiness can be snared every morning by what we see in the mirror.  And if I can help you be happy with your own reflection -and faster than you may think, using free materials you already have at your fingertips- that’s where it makes most sense to begin.  So if you’re in, let’s get started.

Until tomorrow…make it a great day!

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