I am so excited, I can pop…

English: Jeffrey's Bay, Eastern Cape
English: Jeffrey’s Bay, Eastern Cape (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am so excited I can pop.

You see, when I told you about hubby’s love of the Transbaviaans Race here, and how he wasn’t going to do it this year, I had to but smile when he came home one night and said he is doing it now.  Plans had changed and the gentleman he was training with, the one whose brother passed away, is now finally going for counselling and is on quite heavy medication and the doctor told him that in no uncertain terms is he doing this cycle race this year.  Which left a gap open in the team after he had to pull out – so hubby is now doing the race after all and it is this weekend.

But, that is not what is exciting me – although I am very pleased hubby is doing the race.  He has worked so hard and trained so hard and is so well prepared, he deserves to not only race, but also to do well.

What is exciting me is this:

Baby Girl and I are going with!!!!

No, not to race – heavens above, no.  But, we are going with for the weekend.

We leave on Friday and will stay at a guest farm about an hour outside Willowmore, and we will spend Friday night in a night of luxury on this guest farm having a dinner, bed and breakfast option.  And then we’ll leave early Saturday morning to get to Willowmore by 09:00 (at the latest).  The race starts at 10:00, so once hubby is safely on his way, racing in what is really a freezing cold winter, baby girl and I will make our way to Jeffrey’s Bay.  Don’t worry though, all the support vehicles will be driving through to Jeffrey’s Bay so we’ll be driving in a convoy and its apparently just short of a three-hour journey from Willowmore to Jeffrey’s Bay.  Once there, we’ll book into a Bed ‘n Breakfast, and then baby girl and I will spend some quality mommy-daughter time together.  Hubby will be racing and he estimates he will probably only finish at about 03:00 Sunday morning.  So, I’ll take baby girl for an early supper at Spur, and then get into a nice warm bed at the Bed ‘n Breakfast, and then wait for hubby to join us.  Who I am sure by that time will be very cold and very tired, and just dying for a warm bed and a warm wife to cuddle up to.

And yes, don’t think it’s all that easy – when hubby told me about the dinner, bed and breakfast option at the guest farm, I felt all this anxiety come on.  I just thought, what if I panic, or feel anxious, or start choking – nothing is ever easy with me, is it?  As hubby said, the first thing I think of is always something negative – especially when it comes to me.  So, you know what, I am pushing all those negative fears aside – I am aware that they are there, but I am so looking forward to having this time away with hubby and baby girl that I can pop.  Really.

So, nah to you silly fears, anxieties and negative thinking (that’s me sticking my tongue out, in case you were wondering).

We never ever get to go away somewhere nice, unless it’s to hubby’s family in Cape Town.  And although I love to go to Cape Town and I love hubby’s family, it is so nice to think of us going somewhere as a family.  Just the three of us.  I am really looking forward to this weekend.

And how sweet is this – hubby’s mom put R200 into my bank account so that baby girl and I can have a nice supper somewhere.  Very grateful as pay-day is only next week, and I’m quite touched.  She’s also very excited that we get to join hubby on something that means so much to him.

Hubby asked me the other night if I’m still taking Paxil – and yes I am, but only half a tablet every day.  And I think it is time to downgrade myself to only a quarter tablet a day.  But, I am nervous – I don’t ever want to put myself, or hubby or baby girl through that time period where I felt so anxious almost every day, and every meal was torture.  So, I do need to take it slowly, but I am also quite prepared that I may need to stay on these tablets indefinitely – but I’m not going to know until I try.  So, come Monday – just a quarter tablet daily and we’ll take things from there.

Anyway, enough about that, this post is an exciting post, because we’re going away.  And I have to say, baby girl was so cute – when we told her on Sunday that we’re going away tomorrow, she promptly disappeared for ten minutes, at least.  Then, after awhile  she came back with her little purple blanket, a red toy bus, an abacus, a pink flower, her pink taggy and one or two other small toys, and said she was packed and ready to go.  It took awhile to explain to her that we weren’t leaving now, only on Friday, but seriously, how cute is that?

Anyway, best I go work – I want to get everything finished by close of business today so I don’t have too much to worry about when I take tomorrow off work.

Hip, hip hooray…

The Baby Mama

English: Willowmore station, Eastern Cape
English: Willowmore station, Eastern Cape (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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