My favourite memories continued…

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  1. Gardening in our old house.
  2. Putting up the washing lines in both our old house and new house.
  3. Having our Wendy house flooded and losing the fondu set that Hubby’s aunt gave us (which was a blessing as we nearly burnt the house down the one time we did use it).
  4. Hubby cycling his first 100 km’s and bonking (yes, that’s what the cyclists call it) and me having to pick him up and take him home – now he cycles 100 km’s without batting an eyelid.
  5. Hubby doing Iron Man – getting up early, watching him do the swim, seeing him come out of the tent on his bicycle, cheering him on the run.  I think I was more exhausted after Iron Man than what Hubby was.  It was a great day though.
  6. Falling pregnant.
  7. Starting our wine club.
  8. Touring the wine farms in Stellenbosch.
  9. Hubby teaching me to drink and appreciate red wine.
  10. Our first date – watched Men in Black at Walmer Park.  Loved, loved that movie.
  11. Going to the Colosseum in Rome and then coming home and watching Gladiator.  Also loved that movie.
  12. Putting the tent up in our backyard, because it was so freaking’ hot and sleeping outside.  What a wonderful experience.
  13. Choosing the fittings for our new house when we were building.
  14. My first cellphone – it was a Nokia 2550 and it was yellow.  I felt way cool having my first cellphone – Hubby worked at the Cellshop and helped me arrange everything.
  15. Getting engaged, “Do you want to be our kitty’s legal mommy?”  Of course the answer would be yes – without a doubt.
  16. Learning to appreciate Hubby’s excellent judge of character.
  17. Feeling safe – one of the greatest attractions to Hubby for me is that I always feel so safe with him.  And I still do.
  18. Teaching Baby Girl to crawl by enticing her with a cellphone.
  19. Traveling on a contiki tour overseas – making love in Paris and celebrating our second wedding anniversary in Paris.  Oh, how I would love to do that again.
  20. See Baby Girl smile at me and recognise me for the first time when she was just four weeks old – on the 26th July 2009, and having hubby experience her smile and recognition a couple of days later.
  21. Walking just under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and having a gypsy come up and try to shove some flowers in my hand – having hubby there to protect me from that was wonderful.
  22. Going up the Eiffel Tower.
  23. Buying my Honda Jazz – being so excited for hubby to bring that new car home.
  24. Planting a garden in our new house.
  25. Getting a second dog – who terrorized our poor little kitty, but was so much fun and had so much energy.
  26. Friday night cake and movie nights with friends of ours (who now live in Australia).
  27. My wedding day.
  28. Hubby taking my face in both his hands and giving me my first kiss as his wife.
  29. Being surprised at how much both hubby and I enjoyed our wedding and honeymoon.  Everything fell so perfectly in place, it was awesome.
  30. Rowing on the river at our honeymoon venue new Wilderness and having a fish jump in our boat, and hubby saying, blow, blow and me being squeamish, saying No, no.  And then relating that story afterwards and couldn’t understand the weird looks we were getting when hubby said, “If I tell you to blow, you must blow”.  We were talking about the fish – true story.  Promise.
  31. Going to Cape Town to see U2.  Totally awesome.
  32. Planning our wedding – going to wedding venues with hubby on a cool, and windy Saturday to see which venue we wanted for our wedding.
  33. Our wedding meal – in fact, we still have people telling us about how much they enjoyed the food.
  34. Having romantic candle lit dinners at our old house and having our neighbour pop in for a quick visit.
  35. Going to Hogs Back to look for snow – and spending the weekend in shorts and t-shirts, because it was so hot.
  36. Hubby cooking for me for the first time – he made this delicious stir-fried chicken in a mustard sauce over rice, with vegetables.  It was delicious.
  37. Working on a kibbutz in Israel – totally awesome.
  38. Seeing the old city of Jerusalem over Easter – what an awesome experience.
  39. Seeing the pyramids of Giza just outside Cairo – a lifelong dream realised.
  40. Running my first (and only) 10 km – even though it was just a training run, I still did it.

These are just some of my favourite memories – will continue this in a part 2 post…



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