Tapping into my head…

Potato Pete (British Home Front 1939-1945) ......

The interesting thing about writing is this – when I lie my head down on my pillow at night, the words just flow.  I think about all that I am going to write about the next day and I know it is good.  I mean good – really good.  And I am not even a trained writer – and I lie in bed thinking of a couple of dozen different posts, and the wording, and the imagery and I cannot wait to get to work on my blog.

And then…


Then, nothing.

The words that I think of the night before evaporate into a hazy fuzz and I am left writing a blog that I don’t think is good.  Well, it’s not bad, just not as good as my “internal” writing at night.  It feels like I’m fumbling through words and posts and I have no idea how to tap into that good writing I do in my head every night when I go to bed.

That writing will win awards.

This writing won’t.

Sound arrogant?  Maybe.  But, I know the script that I come up with in my head at night is really good.  I feel it in my bones.

And I know what I actually put to paper (computer) isn’t.

How do I tap into what is in my head and put that down?


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