Baby Girl really makes me laugh.

Spiderman (Photo credit: yum9me)

And yes, this blog is supposed to be about her.  Not me, my weight (the enormous expanse thereof, but I must just say that I am a tad jealous that I bloated up like a lost toad, and wonderful Kate Middleton walks out of hospital looking like a beauty queen), my exercise regime or lack thereof, my mother, my anxieties or anything else.  Just Baby Girl.  But, my mind is always on the run, looking out for something new to analyse and dissect and well, lots comes up in the process.

“Never over think something – you’ll create a problem where none existed”

See, there I go off on a tangent again.

Baby Girl is growing up so beautifully and has her dad and I firmly wrapped around her little finger.  And I am not ashamed to admit it.  Hi, Norm…

Anyway, she has this most beautiful straight (I have awfully curly hair), blonde hair that just falls and flows around her little shoulders, and perfect blue eyes.  Eyes that always have a twinkle of mischievousness in them, and a smile that immediately lets you know she is up to something that will make you laugh.  I wish I could keep her this age forever – this is the best.

It is odd how her Dad and I are naturally very quiet people, and she will not keep quiet.  Not ever.  And yes, I find it terribly annoying because I cannot even think sometimes, but I love it.  No matter how annoyed, tired or frustrated I may feel at times, I never ever want her to keep quiet.  Her mind is so active and so interested in what is going on around her, and I love that.  And I love just she just lives so perfectly in the moment.  “Mommy, look at that moon – it’s so big.”  (This is on the way to school on a dark and chilly winter’s morning), or “Mommy, I see the sky is pink” or “Mommy, Jessica is not my friend” or “Jessica can’t marry Lloyd, he is my husband.”  She is four and already competing for the affections of a knight in shining armour – a very cute little boy at her school.

Hubby usually picks her up so that I can go to Curves and when I get home, she is usually hiding somewhere and I have to find her.  But, her giggling gives away her hiding place before I’ve even put my bags down.  And then it is this big game – Baby Girl, where are you?  Giggle, snicker, giggle.  Me – louder – Baby Girl, where are you?  More giggling, snickering and giggling.  Me – opening the walk-in pantry cupboard with a loud, boo and Baby Girl laughing and getting a fright, even though she knows I’ll always find her.

The other morning on the way to work, we have this conversation:

Baby Girl, “Mommy, will you love me if I’m naughty?”

Me, “Of course, my sweetheart, I’ll love you no matter what – if you’re good, or naughty, or sick, or well, I’ll always love you.”

Baby Girl, “Don’t worry, mommy, I’ll also love you when you’re naughty…”

Or how about when she discovered her first constellation:

During the power failure on Saturday night, we take Madam outside to see the stars, and she says, “Look Daddy, there’s a constellation…”

Thank you, Dora The Explorer

They do teach our kids a lot, don’t they????

She also loves Go Diego Go, Little Einstein’s, Sophia the First, and so many lovely cartoons.  In fact, don’t tell, but I think I may enjoy them more than what she does – I have always loved animation.

Conversation between Baby Girl and myself a couple of nights ago:

Baby Girl: Mommy, does Superman and Spiderman look after us?

Me: Yes, they do.

Baby Girl: Mommy, where does Superman live?

Me: Uh, I think it’s Krypton my sweetheart – I don’t really know.  (A bit shocked I got that right…)

Baby Girl: Oh, and where does Spiderman live?

Me: In New York

Baby Girl: Can I go to New York one day with you and Daddy to visit Spiderman?   I’ve never been to New York before.

Me: Of course, you can go…  (Hubby and I have not been to New York either…)

Just glad she didn’t ask to go to Krypton.  New York, as is, is a bit of stretch for us – but perhaps one day we can make this become a reality for her.

And this is one of my favourite little conversations with her:

Baby Girl this morning on the way to school, “Wow, mom, look at that pink sky.  Beautiful.  I think Jesus made God in my heart with that pink sky.”  Such wisdom at four years of age.

Isn’t that just special?

Me, last night, speaking rather sternly, “Baby Girl, go get in the bath now!!!”  Baby Girl, cocks her head, clicks her fingers, and says, “You said it sister…”

Me, collapsing with laughter… 

Yes, she is very funny sometimes.

Hubby: Baby Girl, is this the Indian Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean?

Baby Girl: No, Daddy, it’s Nemo’s ocean.

You just can’t argue with that!

Okay, I won’t bore you with all of this, but I just want to keep all this saved somewhere so that I can remember – I really want to keep her small and precious like she is now forever.

AS you drive into our complex, there is a small building to the side of the gate that houses the bathroom facilities for gardeners, domestic workers, etc.  So, I fetch Baby Girl from school and as we drive through the gate, Baby Girl says to me, Mommy, what is that building?

Me: It’s the Guard house.

Baby Girl: Oh, is that God’s house.  Is that where God lives?

Me: No, sweetie, God lives in Heaven.

Baby Girl: Oh, does God live in Heaven? But, Jesus lives in our hearts.

Just gotta love it.

Teaching Baby Girl to pray, I say, “Thank you Lord Jesus for this beautiful day.”  She says, “Thank you Lord Jesus that Lloyd is my husband.” Huh????

Anyway, that is a small glimpse into the wonderful and delightful mind of my little Baby Girl.  Hubby and I are so proud of her and enjoying her so much.  And I think it is such a wonderful lesson that she lives so purely in the moment, so aware of what is going on around her and so outside of herself – not analysing things to death like I do.  How did I get so honoured and so blessed to have this amazing man to be my husband and this beautiful, gorgeous little girl to be my daughter?  I don’t know, but I am very grateful to have both in my life.

The Baby Mama



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