IF I won the lottery…

Day 292/365 - If I Win the Lottery...
Day 292/365 – If I Win the Lottery… (Photo credit: Kevin H.)

If I won the lotto…

I have been thinking a lot about this, probably because of our unkindly story with financial matters great and small, but what would I do if we won the lottery?  Well, this is what I would do…And I am talking about winning the  jackpot – as in the big win that everybody is waiting for.

So, say we win R 23 000 000 (yeah, let us just say that…)   And before you comment – see that the last jackpot was at R29 000 000.  Yeah, read it and weep

The first thing I would do is tithe my 10%.  I believe in the feng shui advice of giving something out when something comes in.  But, more than that, I believe if you are that blessed to win the lotto big time, your first priority should be to give something back – to God, to nature, to the world, to whatever or whoever you believe in.  Personally, for me, it would be my tithe – and I would give it to Sister Ethel at Missionvale, known as the poorest region of South Africa.

“The Missionvale Care Centre operates in the extremely poor informal shackland township of Missionvale in Port Elizabeth, South Africa – part of the wider Nelson Mandela Metropole.  It was founded by Sister Ethel Normoyle, from humble beginnings, under a tree donated by a resident of Missionvale.  It has grown into a centre, which provides love and care for the poor and destitute, with particular emphasis on those living with HIV/AIDS.  It remains true to her original vision and is still directed by her and a Board of Directors.


Missionvale Care Centre is an interdenominational, non-profit organization committed to providing quality care and support to improve the lives of the people of Missionvale through love, compassion, consultation, participation and self-development.  We respond to the many needs of the people in the circumstances in which they live.


  • To provide essential health, social and spiritual care
  • To provide a solid academic education
  • To concentrate on the development of children, especially those orphaned and vulnerable
  • To promote a stable and harmonious home and community environment through developing a sense of pride and ownership in the people of Missionvale
  • To use all the resources of the Care Centre to treat, alleviate and most importantly, prevent the scourge of HIV/AIDS and related illnesses
  • To meet the people at the point of their need through skills development and adult education
  • To consolidate our achievements over the years by creating sustainability into the future

Lord of Loving Kindness

We pray that we, the Friends of Missionvale, may enter into the lives of the poor in their pain, loneliness and despair.  To recognize that we have done nothing to deserve our prosperity, as they have done nothing to deserve their deprivation.  To reach out a hand of solidarity, compassion and love, filled not with empty platitudes, but with food, medicine, learning and hope.  To learn from the sick and the vulnerable, the great lessons of humility and simplicity.  To learn from ourselves, the limits of our love and the boundaries of our selflessness.  To know and believe that a Care Centre, within our city and within our hearts, is only the beginning – but a beginning where anything is possible.  Lord graciously hear us.”

Reference:  http://www.missionvale.co.za/

(Hubby would love this, him being Catholic and all, but they are doing such a good work in a community in dire need of this.)

So, a tithe is usually 10%, which would leave us with R 20 700 000 (man, I’m loving this fantasy).  Then, I’d pay off our mortgage bond, and invest money into hubby’s business, so that he can build his dream of building a business that people can use to make something of themselves.  Then, seeing as we don’t get to have holidays often at all – I’d buy timeshare in Umhlanga Rocks to enjoy.  Probably in the June/July holidays so that we can get away and enjoy it all.  Oh, okay, if you insist, we’ll buy timeshare in Cape Town over the December holidays so that we can spend some time with hubby’s family each year.  Lovely.  And then I’d pay off my car – hubby’s car is already paid off.  And once I’ve done all that, I would invest some money into each of our Corporate Saver accounts, including our family trust.  So that Baby Girl will never have to worry about financial issues and so that hubby and I can know that we will are taken care of in our retirement.

And then, I would help out our family – each family member of our immediate family would get a little something.  My parents would get R600 000 – so because they are divorced, it would work out to R300 000 each, but hubby’s parents would enjoy the full R600 000 (they’ve been married for 46 years – isn’t that incredible?).

Each of our siblings will get R300 000 (hubby has a brother and sister, and I have two brothers).  However, I don’t trust my older brother at all with money, so his R300 000 would be put into trust for each of his three children.  He would go through that money in a week and then keep coming back for me for more and more, and so we would need to be strict boundaries in place for that.  Money can ruin lives and wreck relationships and we would need to safeguard against that.  Hubby’s aunt and uncle would get R150 000 and our maid who has worked for my family since I was about two (about 38 years – oh, my heavens, is it THAT long???) would also get R150 000.

And that will leave us with a whopping R8 550 000 (Yes, I have a spreadsheet – that Type A personality coming through there…)

After we’ve sorted ourselves out, sorted out our tithing and debt, and sorted out family and friends, then it’s time to take Baby Girl to see snow and to ski – so I’m thinking a white Christmas in Europe.  Doesn’t that just sound wonderful?  I think so.  And I would put some money into the house – either buy a new house, or redo our house to be all we want it to be.  Things like putting in a gas stove (save on electricity), and solar-powered geyser would be nice (also to save on electricity) and to be green and friendly to our planet.  I’d also like to put in water filtration systems, as our drinking water is not as safe as it used to be.

And then, and here is the crux of my post – I would open up my own business.  You see, since having Baby Girl, and all the grief my darling mother has imposed on me, I feel so for mothers who battle without any help.  So, my business plan would be to have a place that will take care of your kids during the school holidays – all meals and activities included.  During term time, it would be party venue and play date venue.  And also, there will be a sick room with a nurse on board, that will assist if your child is sick and cannot go to school, but you have no choice but to go to work.  And then I’d like to run workshops – because most women, okay not MOST women, but a lot of women (including myself) have no idea how to cook or run a household once baby has arrived, and these workshops will give input and advice on how to do that, plan a grocery list, do a budget, plan a healthy meal and how to cook it, how to do basic first aid, etc.

That is what I would like to do.  I can’t implement all this on my own, so I would have to get a team on board to do a lot of this for me – I can’t cook, and while I work a pretty mean budget, doing first aid is simply not my thing.  And so I’d call in the experts like Andelene Salvesen – known as Super Granny, or Sister Lilian to give talks on discipline and parenting.  And of course, we won’t host seminars or talks every weekend, so the rest of the time will be playdate time or playtime, or party venue time.

I want it to be a one stop shop for all moms – make your home life easier and more secure for you and your family.  And we could even have some workshops for the poor Dads – because everything is geared to helping mom cope and care for this new young’un, but alas, poor Dad is just left to figure things out on his own.

And we could even run Friday night pyjama party nights where you can drop your kids off while you and hubby go out – please collect your kids by 22:30 at the latest.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and there is no way I can do this unless I win the Lotto.  But, it will fulfil such a niche in the market – in fact, I can’t think of any place in P.E. that offers holiday care and sick-day care for children whose mom’s need to work.  Otherwise we’d be using them for Baby Girl.

What say you?  Any investors in case I don’t win that huge lotto win????  Just asking…

Hubby doesn’t like me to think about winning the lotto – but I do believe pendulum will swing, and I would like to one day be in the position where I can run my own business.  And perhaps working where I work now, and learning all that I am, is preparation for that.  Perhaps not – doesn’t matter, I’m enjoying my job anyway.  But, if it is, and we do win the lotto, I’d like to have a dream all ready prepared.  And just think of the impact we could have on saving families from all the trauma and stress a new baby brings and the ongoing family politics – or at least have moms and dads be better prepared…

I like my dream.  And I like dreaming about what I am going to do if hubby and I should win the lotto.

The Baby Mama

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