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Yes, I have them – in more ways than what I care to admit.  You see, ever since I fell pregnant with Baby Girl, my appetite button was switched on and I am still – after four years – battling to switch it off.  I get so flipping hungry, it is insane.  And with hunger, comes lots of weight gain.  And with me, comes the whole issue of eating, not eating, getting too fat, getting too thin, which is a whole mind game I play with myself.  Just read my blog to see what I mean.

So, anyway, a few months ago I decided I cannot go on like this, I need exercise.  If I cannot control what or how I am eating, then I need to exercise – and I was not getting any exercise.  At all.  As in nada, niks, Fresca – nothing.  Get the point?  In fact, I would go out of my way to avoid exercise.  But, then hubby started encouraging me to go, and I read on Joyce Meyer about how important exercise is and that was all the encouragement I needed.

Baby Girl would want me to read her a bedtime story, and I would get out of breath.  It was totally insane.

So, anyway, I joined Curves.  And you know what?  I love it.  I’m thoroughly enjoying it – go Curves!!!!  Firstly, it fits in with my limited time plan – as a session, with stretching, only takes you 30 minutes.  I can afford to give myself 30 minutes of my time three or four days a week.  And it is full circuit training with cardio and resistance training.

The Curves workout offers a 30-minute training session that helps you reach your goals quickly and effectively.  Combining cardio and strength training, the Curves system can help you burn up to 2000 kilojoules, working every major muscle group.  This ensures a high-powered workout every time.  Get in shape the Curves way with fitness circuits that actually work.  You will find Curves clubs in South Africa, and neighbouring African countries to help you reach your goals – See more at (Ref: Curves,

And I can feel that I have worked out – every time I’ve been.  My legs muscles are sore, and feel like they have had a good workout, as are my arms and tummy.  Also, the measure and weigh you once a month – and you have to do this, otherwise you get these message sent to you on the login computer, “You need to weigh in, please ask a Curves assistant to help you” the whole time.  Just for me, unfortunately, even though I can feel in my body that I am working out, I haven’t yet lost weight.  Probably, because mentally I’m now assuming I can eat even more, because hey, I’m working out.  So, gotta deal with this mental issue – focus: eat healthy and appropriately (not eat everything in sight because once upon a time I was so skinny I could, because now I can’t…)

CurvesSmart® is a state-of-the-art personal coaching system, incorporated into our 30 minutes workout.  Now, every piece of equipment in our circuit is programmed with your body’s information, giving you moment-by-moment feedback.  The system also adjusts to your endurance level automatically, helping you stay challenged and motivated.  All of your workout data is computed, providing you with comprehensive progress reports, on your muscle strength, how many kilojoules you burned and how close you are getting to achieving your goals.  It’s the knowledge and motivation you need to get the results you want.

CurvesSmart® is available at many Curves branches clubs across South Africa, and neighbouring African countries – click here to find clubs in your area.  Look for the CurvesSmart® logo indicating CurvesSmart® clubs.

– See more at:

Yes, I am using CurvesSmart® and it is a wonderful system.  You can actually feel more resistance on a machine, or less if you’re doing a lighter workout.

And wait – there’s more.

Weather permitting, I am also walking around St George’s Park which is 2.7 km from our front door at work, around the park and back again.  I do this during my lunch break – I can’t go everyday, but when I can, I do.

Hopefully all this will meet to some satisfaction and a little weight loss.

The Baby Mama


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