You know that moment…

plum (Photo credit: Greencolander)

Do you know that moment?

That moment where a whole group of adults and 15 rambunctious toddlers are screaming, playing, and having fun?  Yes, you know that moment – that moment where all quietens that you could hear a pin drop, one child is screaming, and it’s your child.

This was Saturday.

At Baby Girl’s party.

One of the other little girls bit her.  And for a brief moment, there was total silence.  Both hubby and I ran over – hubby picked Baby Girl up and passed her to me, and I took her to the bathroom to calm her down.  Fortunately, she had on a few layers of clothes, it being winter and all, but the other little Plum (so-called because of her red hair) bit her quite hard on the arm.  Seems Plum wanted a chance on the swings and Baby Girl wasn’t giving it to her quick enough.

I have little sympathy though.  Baby Girl once bit a girl at school so hard; she punctured this little girl’s skin.  The mom of this little girl was at the party, but fortunately, she doesn’t remember the incident.

And of course, I want to protect Baby Girl, but Plum’s mom disciplined little Plum and made her say sorry to Baby Girl – incident over.

But, that moment does make me laugh – all parents incline their ear to hear if it is their child, and then breathe a sigh of relief when it’s not.

Such is the life of a parent…

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