The Gift List

English: Madonna barbie, crafted after the bri...
English: Madonna Barbie, crafted after the bridal look of The Virgin Tour and the 1984 MTV Video Music Award performance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was trying to recall all that we have given Baby Girl for her birthday – and for the life of me, I cannot remember what we gave her last year.  Oh, annoying:

First Christmas – a book, clothes, toddler piano (I was optimistic)

First Birthday – push car that teaches then how to walk and she got a doll from her uncle and aunt that she still plays with today – in fact, the doll is now called Emily.

Second Christmas – a pink doll (we were in Cape Town and could not take anything too big with us) and when we got home those large shells that kids play in.

Second Birthday – an outdoor slide.  I remember this was for her second birthday, because it was quite cold when hubby went home to set it up for her.

Third Christmas – a board with all different types of locks on, and numbers.  We saw it an expo and she loved it so much, we couldn’t get her away from the table.  So, we got it for her for Christmas.

Third Birthday – I just can’t remember.  Total blank.

Fourth Christmas – a Lily bike that she loves (it’s those bikes without pedals)…

Fourth Birthday – Barbie doll with her sister Stacy, a DVD and little girl’s bible.

Fifth Birthday – Frozen DVD and Frozen Dress.

Firth Christmas – a surfboard

Sixth Birthday – a monster high doll

Sixth Christmas – a bicycle and wet suit

Seventh Birthday – we’re looking at her own tablet for her…  But we’ll wait and see.

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