An awesome birthday…


Baby Girl had an awesome birthday – four years old.

Having a good birthday is important to me.  You see, out of my messy childhood, our birthdays are the one thing that hold really good memories for me.  And it is important to me to give Baby Girl the same.

And I think thus far – hope, pray – that hubby and I have succeeded.

For months now, she has been asking for a Barbie doll, with pretty dresses that she can dress her Barbie doll up in pretty clothes.  And months ago, I ordered Barbie with her sister, Stacey on (thanks for the swift delivery).  And when I sent out the invites to her party on Saturday, one of the moms asked me if Baby Girl would like some pretty Barbie dresses.  Um, yeah!

So, yesterday, early morning, I woke Baby Girl up by singing to her “Happy Birthday.”  She woke up smiling and immediately said “I’m four” with her hand extended showing four fingers.  She opened her presents with hubby and I, and she loved her Barbie, as well as pyjamas from her Granny in Cape Town, and a book and DVD that we got for her as well.

Then hubby and I took her to school and as we walked into the classroom they sang to her, and she wore a crown the whole day, because she is the birthday girl.  How cool is that?

Last night we took her to the Spur for supper and all the spur waitrons (not sure, what happened to waitresses and waiters, but apparently these days they are waitrons – from Klingon…  I digress) sang happy birthday to her.  She loved it.  She smiled from ear-to-ear and thoroughly enjoyed the attention and focus on her birthday.

She got some beautiful clothes from her Granny who stays in Port Elizabeth and everyone phoned to wish her a happy birthday.  She had a good day and she had a good night’s sleep.

On Saturday, she is having a Barbie themed party at Treasure Land.  She is very excited.  Well, as am I.  Her cake is stunning – a Barbie themed cake, with stars coming out of it.  If I remember, I will post a picture.

Birthdays are good and should be celebrated accordingly.  It is the one day of the year that is totally yours and yours alone.  Well, unless you are a twin, but even then so… 🙂

The Baby Mama


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